Thursday, 29 December 2011

Best of 2011: Movie Magic and Cleavage Ratings

2011 was a strange movie year for me. In past years, I've always had a clear cut favorite movie that I would put on top of my list without hesitation. Most of these were Pixar movies, of course, but this year, Cars 2 just did not grip me as much as Up, WALL-E or Toy Story 3 did in the past couple of years. All the same, I've plumped for quite a number of animated features in the list, because I'm still a kid at heart, so sue me. Animation somehow captures my imagination more than live action movies. And as usual, I still prefer mainstream movies to the heavier, Oscar worthy stuff, so if you're looking for serious movies on this list, go away.

Anyway, in a year with no clear cut favorites, I've decided to go for the movie that I enjoyed the most, from start to finish, and which funnily enough, does have a Pixar connection to it as well. Yup, I'm going for THIS movie as my top movie of the year:

1) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
The plot may have been flimsy, but the action was superb, the pacing was relentless, the thrills were actually thrilling, and it was actually quite funny too. For once, Tom Cruise let the team help out more, and he even got his fair share of knocks. The main reason I put this on top however, is because I actually enjoyed the entire movie from start to finish, and left the movie wanting to watch it again immediately after that, which was probably the only time I felt that way this year (oh wait, I did for Transformers as well...)
Favorite scene: THAT vertigo-inducing scene outside the Burj Khalifa. It had thrills, action, comedy, great one-liners, and Tom Cruise whacking his head on a window. WIN!

And now, here are the rest of my top ten favorite movies of the year (as usual, the links lead to the Movie Not Reviews I did on the movies):

2) Kungfu Panda 2
After I watched this, I predicted that this would be the year that Dreamworks beats Pixar not just in the box office, but critically as well. I was right. Cars 2 was entertaining enough, but it sputtered somewhat by focusing too much on Mater. This sequel however, saw an already well-liked, established character being let loose to do what he does best. The action was brilliant, the 3D was superb, and there's just something about animals fighting kungfu that just... WORKS.
Favorite scene: almost all the kungfu fighting sequences, actually.

3) X-Men: First Class
After the dreadful X-Men: Last Stand, this was a welcome return to the X-Men franchise, rebooting the whole thing with Professor X and Magneto as young men. Michael Fassbender was an EXCELLENT Magneto, while James McAvoy actually made the usually goody goody noble Prof X cool and roguish. Too bad Kevin Bacon's Sebastian Shaw and January Jones' Emma Frost were so forgettable though (though the latter had other er... assets to flaunt hur hur). Bonus brownie points for Wolverine's cameo too!
Favorite scene: Magneto pushes a coin SLOWLY through Shaw's brain. What a horrible, horrible way to die.

4) Captain America: World Policeman The First Avenger
Of the two pre-Avengers movies this year, this one felt more complete and less comic book-like to me. Thor was always going to be a hard sell, but here, Joe Johnston actually made a great decision sticking to Captain America's origin story and basing the entire movie in World War II.
Favorite scene: "I'm not kissing you!"

5) Rango
A cowboy movie with a chameleon in the lead, and awesome ensemble of characters, and some darn good animation. Way better than Cowboys and Aliens (the other big-budget 'Western" this year) One of the most fun movies of the year, animated or otherwise. The Pirates franchise should have kept Gore Verbinski on.
Favorite scene: The bonkers chase scene between the moles and Rango's posse.

6) Cars 2
It may not have been my favorite of the year, but Pixar has always been consistently good for me, and I have a great deal of sentimentality for the Cars franchise. This sequel may have been made out of a desire to sell more toys, but I loved it for the fact that it was so different from the first movie.
Favorite scene: The opening scene introducing Finn McMissile. It's like James Bond's car decided to eject 007 and take over the mission instead.

7) Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
Yes yes, I'm a sucker for Transformers movies. This one may not have been the awesome fest that the first one was, but it is the movie that SHOULD have followed up the first one, not that insipid metal-ball banging Revenge Of the Fallen. Also deserves mention for some great 3D action. Minus points for casting Rosie Hungtinton-Whitely, who may be hot but was just plain annoying, and is an even worse actor than Megan Fox.
Favorite scene: Almost every scene with Optimus Prime in it, of course.

8) Nasi Lemak 2.0
It's not without its flaws, but this was the most hilariously MALAYSIAN movie I've seen in years. MALAYSIAN, mind you, not Malay, Chinese or 1Malaysia - this is a MALAYSIAN movie that probably only Malaysians would understand, and not just if you're from one race. Why can't more Malaysian movies be like this?
Favorite scene: "Who care you no money yo / Please don’t judge me wrongly / We no need eat baoyu yo / We can eat wan tan mee..."

9) Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
When I finally watched this on the TV, I immediately regretted not watching it in the cinema. The visual effects were stunning, the story was compelling, and Andy Serkis' deserves an Oscar for his motion capture role as Caesar.
Favorite Scene: Caesar standing defiantly on top of a San Francisco tram car with his three lieutenants - an alpha male chimpanzee, a gorilla and an orang-utan. Never mind the Avengers, here come the Apevengers!

10) Puss In Boots
Between Kungfu Panda 2 and this, this was truly Dreamworks' year. This spin-off blew the last two Shrek movies out of Never-Never Land into Never Again Land, and underlined Puss In Boots as THE best character in the ENTIRE Shrek franchise. Also helped that the story was decent, and did not rely too much on cheap and lame pop culture spoofs.
Favorite Scene: The dance-off between Puss and Kitty Soft Paws

Honorable mentions
  • Attack The Block - Aliens + British gangster wannabe kids = Believe!
  • Bridesmaids - A bride in a wedding dress taking a shit by the road. Best "romantic comedy" EVER.
  • Cowboys And Aliens - The execution wasn't as great as the idea, but David Craig is a GREAT cowboy.
  • Drive - Bravo, Ryan Gosling. Bravo.
  • Fast Five - Completely nutso, but props for reinventing itself into a heist movie.
  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 2: WHAT A WAY TO GO, Harry Potter.
  • Paul - It's probing time!
  • Real Steel - Probably the best and most heart-warming robot story of the year.
  • Senna - Poignant, emotional, and utterly compelling. Brilliant documentary about a brilliant driver.
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows - RDJ's Sherlock is still the coolest, ass-kicking incarnation ever.
  • Source Code - WHOA, MINDFUCK!
  • Super 8 - The American kids vs aliens movie. Really really good too.
  • The Adventures of Tintin - THUNDERING TYPHOONS! THIS IS TIP-TOP!
  • The Muppets - It's the MUPPETS! THE MUPPETS!
  • Thor - Great prelude to Avengers, but a little TOO cheesy at times.


Biggest Wastes Of Time Of The Year


Cleavage Rating Chart:

  • January Jones (X-Men: First Class) - Complete waste of a great character, but at least her costume stayed true to er... form. Hur hur
  • Gal Gadot (Fast Five) - Didn't do much, but we got to see her in a bikini whee!
  • Rosie Huntington-Whitely (Transformers: Dark Of the Moon) - Can't act for nuts, but hey, she wasn't hired to ACT, was she?
  • Hayley Atwell (Captain America) - Not so much of a Cleavage Rating than an "Awesome Boobage in Uniform" rating.
  • Jamie Chung (Sucker Punch) - The only good thing about this stupid movie was the eye candy.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Best of 2011: Musiclarity Moments and Ceremonials

In a year full of big-name releases (Coldplay, Radiohead, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Death Cab For Cutie, Wilco, Bjork, Snow Patrol, REM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Feist, Fleet Foxes all had new albums), it was Florence + The Machines' Ceremonials that stood out the most for me. I tend to rate albums by how many songs I like in it and how long I can listen to it on loop without getting sick of it; and after three months of being stuck in my car's CD player, I am STILL not sick of the album. It was the same with Adele's 21 and Coldplay's album as well, but in the end, Florence won out because it had the least number of songs I pressed "Skip" on.

Foo Fighters, The Black Keys and The Vaccines also rate very high here because these are just some of the best headbanging, good old rock 'n' roll albums of the year. Radiohead is inevitably in the top ten because while it is not as accessible as most of their earlier work, it is still a great album as a whole IMHO, and I still listened to it on loop A LOT. In contrast, PJ Harvey's Let England Shake may have been very well-acclaimed, but I couldn't bear to listen to it for too long. I'm mainstream like that, so sue me.

Here are my top 20 albums of the year then: 

  1. Ceremonials (Florence And the Machine)
  2. 21 (Adele)
  3. Mylo Xyloto (Coldplay)
  4. Wasting Light (Foo Fighters)
  5. El Camino (The Black Keys)
  6. The King Is Dead (The Decemberists)
  7. Build A Rocket, Boys! (Elbow)
  8. What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? (The Vaccines)
  9. Metals (Feist)
  10. King Of Limbs (Radiohead)
  11. Prisoner (The Jezabels)
  12. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (Noel Gallagher)
  13. Helplessness Blues (Fleet Foxes)
  14. EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ (Glasvegas)
  15. Bon Iver (Bon Iver)
  16. A Creature I Don't Know (Laura Marling)
  17. Last Night On Earth (Noah And The Whale)
  18. Bread And Circuses (The View)
  19. Kosciuszko (Jebediah)
  20. The Whole Love (Wilco)
Notable mentions:

  • A Different Kind Of Fix (Bombay Bicycle Club)
  • Blood Pressures (The Kills)
  • Chesapeake (Rachael Yamagata)
  • Cults (Cults)
  • Fallen Empires (Snow Patrol)
  • Ghostbird (Zee Avi)
  • Going Out In Style (Dropkick Murphys)
  • Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (Mogwai)
  • Hotel Shampoo (Gruff Rhys)
  • Kiss Each Other Clean (Iron & Wine)
  • Let England Shake (PJ Harvey)
  • Nine Types Of Light (TV On The Radio)
  • Skying (The Horrors)
  • So Beautiful or So What (Paul Simon)
  • Valhalla Dancehall (British Sea Power)
  • Velociraptor! (Kasabian)
  • Year of the Wolf (Nerina Pallot)
  • Yuck (Yuck)


Top 10 Favorite songs of 2011

1) All This And Heaven Too (Florence And the Machine)
Did you know that Florence Welch was diagnosed with dyslexia before? With that in mind, consider the lyrics of this song, which is about how "Poor language doesn't deserve such treatment" and how "All these words are all escaping and coming back all damaged"... it gives the entire song an additional emotional heft that when coupled with the rising verses, the soaring chorus and the wonderfully flowing, longingly glorious outro, makes this in my humble opinion, the most underrated yet most emotional song in Ceremonials. Glorious, simply glorious.

2) June Hymn (The Decemberists)
Quietly understated, amazingly melodic, and with beautifully written lyrics that roll off your tongue like poetry honey. It's been a long time since I've been so motivated to learn the lyrics to a song.

3) Someone Like You (Adele)
It may have been overplayed to death, but that doesn't change the fact that it is still an epic ballad, with some very sad, sad lyrics, and Adele's voice at her most yearning and melancholic yet. When I first got Adele's album, this song was the one that stood out the most in an album full of pretty damn good songs. Heck, I'm happy that I managed to overplay it to death BEFORE everyone else started overplaying it to death.

4) Shake It Out (Florence And The Machine)
The most obvious hit single from Ceremonials, but it's the most uplifting and soaring single you'll ever hear this year. I love it most for the way she sings the lyrics "I am done with my graceless heart, so tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart" so resolutely that you can practically feel her determination to restart.

5) Dear Rosemary (Foo Fighters)
The best song on Wasting Light, the rousing intro, the battling guitars, the frenetic build-up, the soaring chorus, and the mid song bridge with Bob Mould makes this a song that just COMPELS you to turn the volume up to 11 and start headbanging.

6) Charlie Brown (Coldplay)
I first heard them play it live at Splendor In The Grass, and the hook riff just er.. hooked me from the start. Afterwards, I couldn't get it out of my head and kept wondering what the hell I was humming, up till Mylo Xyloto came out and I finally realized that it was the riff from Charlie Brown.

7) Set Fire To The Rain (Adele)
MY second favorite song off 21. I actually this more dramatic and angst-y song to the more popular Rolling In The Deep (which I think has been overplayed to death on radio and by every single wannabe pub/wedding live band out there). I think her voice is more powerful and emotional on this song than on Rolling In The Deep.

8) Euphoria Take My Hand (Glasvegas)
It doesn't help that the riff recalls Coldplay's Life In Technicolour somewhat, but this plaintive plea for heartbreak to go away is sung to depressingly emotional heights by James Allen's trademark wail. Glorious when heard live (which I did at Splendour in The Grass, see the pattern here? heh heh)

9) Lippy Kids (Elbow)
Another song I heard live at Splendour in The Grass. It sounds simply glorious when heard live, and singing "BUILD A ROCKET BOYS!" out loud to the night sky just seemed so... ethereal. My favorite song off one of my favorite albums of the year.

10) L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. (Noah And The Whale)
Go on. I dare you to listen to this song and not get sucked into singing along to the chorus.One of the best feelgood songs of the year, and my biggest regret was that I passed up watchign them at Splendour to go watch the Jane's Addiction borefest instead.

Notable mentions:
  • Arlandria (Foo Fighters)
  • Birds (The Submarines)
  • Calamity Song (The Decemberists) 
  • City Girl (The Jezabels)
  • Every Teardrop Is a Waterfal (Coldplay)
  • Half Moon (Iron & Wine) 
  • Helplessness Blues (Fleet Foxes)
  • Heart Is A Beating Drum (The Kills)
  • Holocene (Bon Iver)
  • How Come You Never Go There
  • How To Be A Werewolf (Mogwai)
  • Hurts Like Heaven (Coldplay)
  • Grace (The View)
  • Grey Lynn Park (The Veils)
  • Lonely Boy (The Black Keys)
  • Lots Sometimes (Glasvegas) 
  • Lotus Flower (Radiohead)
  • Neat Little Rows (Elbow) 
  • No Light No Light (Florence + The Machine)
  • Post Break-Up Sex (The Vaccines)
  • Princess Of China (Coldplat feat. Rihanna)
  • Rolling In The Deep (Adele)
  • She's Like A Comet (Jebediah)
  • Skip The Charades (Cold War Kids)
  • Still Life (The Horrors)
  • Strangers (White Lies)
  • The Beat Goes On (Beady Eye)
  • The Birds (Elbow)
  • This Will Be Our Year (Nerina Pallot)
  • Those Distant Bells (Snow Patrol)
  • Tragic Magic (The View)
  • Vomit (Girls)
  • Walk (Foo Fighters)
  • Walking Far From Home (Iron & Wine)
  • Wetsuit (The Vaccines)

Best Gigs I attended:

  1. Jimmy Eat World (Singapore)
  2. Splendor In The Grass (Australia)
  3. The National (Singapore)

Biggest disappointment of the year:

  • Codes And Keys by Death Cab For Cutie. I expected more from Ben Gibbard and co, but this album just didn't make much of an impression on me.
  • MGMT's concert in KL - No beer, no atmosphere.
  • Ukelele Songs (Eddie Vedder) - Seriously, Eddie, stop mucking about with that stupid ukelele and go back to Pearl Jam already.

Favorite new discovery:
  • The Vaccines - addictive lad rock and catchy tunes too.
  • Australian indie rock. Attending Splendour In The Grass really opened my ears to some great Australian bands, like Jebediah, Cloud Control, The Jezebels, The Panics and The Grates and MAde me go out and explore more of their music.

Monday, 26 December 2011

An Unexpected Trailer of An Unexpected Journey!

Never mind The Avengers. Never mind Batman, Spiderman or Superman. THIS for me will be THE movie event of the year.

Yes folks, in December next year, WE RETURN TO MIDDLE-EARTH!

The trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is out, and it is the first part of what will be TWO Hobbit movies directed by none other than Peter Jackson himself:. Empire Online has an impressive breakdown of the trailer HERE (and where I got most of the pictures for this post too).

The trailer starts off with a very nostalgic piece of Middle Earth: BAG END!

I swear I almost had a tear in my eye when I heard the Hobbit theme come on. Sighh...

Fast forward a bit, and HEEEERREEE'SSS BILBO BAGGINS!

Alias Arthur Dent alias Watson.
And then Gandalf comes on and introduces the 13 dwarves who will be bringing Bilbo along on his unexpected journey:
HEEERREEE'SSSS *deep breath* Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Dwalin, Balin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dori, Nori, Ori, and Thorin Oakenshield:

After that, Thorin starts singing a very solemn Dwarven song, with the rest joining in as they sing in Bilbo's living room:

Since it's gonna be a two movie thin and The Hobbit is a very, very short book, Peter Jackson's adaptation has a lot of parts that were merely hinted at in the book, especially the part where Gandalf buggers off and leaves Bilbo with the dwarves to go fight some 'Necromancer', whom he appears to be hunting for here:

Also, Bilbo visits Rivendell, where he sees the Shards of Narsil (a.k.a. the yet to be re-forged Anduril), and Galadriel gets up close to Gandalf (don't know why though):

Oooh, speaking of swords, here's Bilbo finding Sting! Big hairy spiders not in picture.

Then there's a blur of action stuff, with Gandalf fighting some sort of demon thingy, and the dwarves coming up against the three trolls:

By the end of it all, we finally see the ONE RING, with Gandalf telling Bilbo that he can't guarantee he will come back, but if he does, he will never be the same again....

Foreboding words indeed.

So, no Barrels Out Of Bond, no Battle of The Five Armies, and no sign of Smaug anywhere. I'm guessing that the first movie probably stops with Bilbo discovering the ring in the Misty Mountains and the riddles in the dark. Still, it looks like Peter Jackson is picking up where he left off with this, which means it is gonna be one hell of a return to Middle Earth next year! WOOHOO!

Click the logo below to go watch the trailer now!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

How To Have A Great Party: The Heineken Way

Hello everyone! Let me tell you what is a GREAT party.

THIS, for example, is NOT a great party:

A good party is when you've got lots of good friends, good food, and most importantly, GREAT BEER.

Behold, a great beer:

 And here is my little wife drinking that great beer with a er... straw...

But it's ok. It's Christmas time, and you can drink your beer anyway you want to! As long as it's a great beer like Heineken, of course. Hehe.

Anyway, me and a bunch of close friends celebrated a very early Christmas last week by drinking lots of Heineken at Sid’s Pub TTDI.

Oh look, a Christmas tree! Whee!

They even played lots of Christmas songs!
And together with all that Heineken we were drinking, it made me wanna SING!

Jingle beers, jingle beers,
Give me some more beer!
One big beer, one small beer,
And more Heineken beer!

Suanie had a beer,
And when she has a beer,
She is a happy dear!

Sotong had a beer,
And when she has a beer,
She camwhores all the way!

Jingle beers, jingle beers,
Give me some more beer!
One big beer, one small beer,
And more Heineken beer!

Ok, next song:

Hark now Fireangel drinks,
A Heineken was drained…
And men will drink forevermore,
Because of awesome beer!

Ok fine, less singing, more drinking:

Greedy, greedy...
God and Mrs. God approve:

And now Suan gets into a staring contest with her Heineken:

KY buat tak tau only LOL.

So, what IS a great party? A GREAT PARTY is one where you have GREAT FRIENDS, GREAT BEER and have a GREAT TIME.

Sekian sahaja tutorial ini. Now go forth and be merry! With lots of Heineken! WHEEE!

Monday, 19 December 2011

It's All About The Bromance, My Dear Watson.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows
Not A Review.
Wayhey, Sherlock Downey Jr is back!
And So is Jude Watson!
Bromance is alive!

RDJ's Sherlock is still the coolest incarnation ever,
Though I quite like the Benedict Cumberbatch BBC one too.
RDJ's Sherlock is a bit TOO scruffy sometimes,
Even though he's certainly cooler than most,
And boy can he kick ass.
His disguises could do with a bit of work though LOL.

Oh look, it's the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
Without a dragon tattoo, obviously.
She looks exotic here, no wonder she was so good as Lisbeth.
No cleavage rating though haih.
And she really didn't have much to do, did she?

Nope, no romance romance here,
It's all about the bromance, bro!
Watson is the straight guy to Holmes crazy guy,
And they've got to be one of the best bromance couples ever.
Although Holmes has to be one of the worse best men ever...

Oooh, and there's also the Great Rivalry.
Moriarty FTW!
Accept no other Holmes villain, I always say.
He's a real match for Holmes here.
And oooh look, the Reichenbach Falls!
(Non-Holmes fans, don't Google this if you don't want any spoilers)
La di da....

Still, it's jolly good fun.
Good action, nice effects,
Lots of slow-mo and lots of bullet time
And RDJ is always fun to watch when he's in crazy genius mode.
The plot's not exactly rocket science though,
Just elementary.

Truth be told, I prefer the BBC TV show Sherlock though,
RDJ is good, but that BBC guy is better.
And Moriarty here is a bit disappointing.
Still quite intimidating, but something missing somehow.
The BBC one is damn chilling though, go watch it!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Accept This Mission, Or Be Disavowed.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.
Not a review.
Your mission, if you choose to accept it,
Is to go watch this movie.
Because it's the best Mission Impossible movie yet.


Well, believe it.
Turns out it's NOT impossible to make a decent M:I movie after all.
All it took to make an impossible mission possible was an Incredible director,
An Iron Giant of a director, you might say.
One with an affinity for talking, cooking rats.
And for Tom Cruise to share the limelight,
And not let his ego take over the ENTIRE movie.

Why did it take FOUR Movies for them to realize it?
That Mission Impossible has always been about THE TEAM.
Did you ever see Jim Phelps jumping off buildings?
Or do everything by himself?
No, because he has a TEAM.
MI4 works because Ethan USES his team properly
And it's a pretty decent team too.

There's Jeremy "Hawkeye" Ratner,
There's Paula Patton as the token hot chick,
She's tough but pretty hot too.
Cleavage rating: 8
Oh, and best of all, there's Simon Pegg!
He's doing his whole Scotty tech geek thing again,
But he makes the movie a lot funnier!

The action quite good wor,
Some parts a bit kua chiong,
But still pretty exciting and fun!
The building climbing scene was damn good too,
And Tom Cruise isn't as self-absorbed as before,
So it's a lot more fun!

Yup, you should definitely accept this mission,
It's got great action,
Some decent laughs,
A story that is not rubbish,
AND it's the closest we've got to an actual MI movie so far.
This post will self-destruct in... nah I'm keeping it.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My My, Mylo Xyloto, WHOAAAAAAAA

This just in. Based on the lyrics on Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay's next new album will consist of songs that only have the lyrics WOAAAH, OOOH, AAAHH and WOOOO in them. I lost count of how many times Chris Martin goes WOAAH in this album, or breaks out into non-committal Lalalalas in the middle of a chorus (like in Princess of China). Even when I saw them performing the new songs live during Splendour In The Grass, we could all singalong with the songs because there were so many WOAAAH moments in them. It's like Chris Martin is trying to recreate the WOOAAH in Viva La Vida, so that he can get the crowd to sing it during concerts.

Lyrics aside though, this is a pretty solid album though. The first few songs are soaring stuff (though I maintain that Paradise is one of the most boring singles they've released so far, and it doesn't help that I think it is a rip-off of a Beyond song, hehe), starting off with one of my favorites, Hurts Like Heaven, which is just... FUN.

My favorite song off the album has to be Charlie Brown (despite the annoying chipmunk voices in the intro). I keep humming the damn riff for hours unconciously, that's how addictive it is. Princess Of China is also pretty good, but I hate it that half the song is just Martin and Rihanna going nananana and "you stole my star", and the best part of the song, the chorus where Rihanna sings "Could have been a princess..." is only sung ONCE. ONCE! Godammit.

Anyway, the style of music here is pretty much stadium anthem Coldplay, with a lot more electronic synths thrown in. There are some wonderfully uplifting sonic flourishes that rise and rise and don't ever seem to come back down, but also some repetitive and somewhat unremarkable moments that seem to just go on and on.

Ok, I don't think it's worth the five stars that Q Magazine gave it, but it IS still a pretty solid album that gets better and better with each listen. But trust me when I say the songs song A LOT BETTER when they play it live. heh heh.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Don't Be a Muppet Of A Man!

The Muppets.
Not A Review.
Ma nah ma nah!
Ma nah ma nah!
Ma nah ma nah!
Ma nah ma nah!
Ma nah ma nah!
Ma nah ma nah!


Ok it's a bit TOO cheesy in the beginning,
To the point of being VERY VERY cloying and annoying.
Jason Segel is his usual HIMYM self,
All earnest and goody goody
Amy Adams is like the Amy Adams in Enchanted,
Only slightly er... older.
(no cleavage rating, sorry)
(It's a KID'S movie!)

But once Kermit appears, it's all good!
And then all the Muppets start appearing!
There'll be explosions! (ok, just ONE explosion)
There'll be toilet humour!
There'll be a lot of cheesy 80's jokes!
There'll music and laughter!
There will be lots of cameos!
There'll be lots of nostalgic moments

That Jim Henson was a GENIUS I tell you,
The movie is a bit cheesy,
Then again, The Muppets ARE A relic of the 80's after all,
This was just great, mindless, cheesy fun.
Don't hurt your brain by analysing it too much,
And don't expect too much either.

Oh come on, it's the MUPPETS!
You'd have to be a Muppet of a man to not like this.
So be a very manly muppet instead!
It's time to play the music,
It's time to light the lights,
It's time to meet the Muppets!!!!