Friday, 2 December 2011

Beer Of The Week: Fuller's Gets An 1845 out of 1845!

I've always been more partial to ale than most other styles of beer, and when I first saw this beer in Bangsar Shopping Complex, I couldn't resist buying on to try. I ended up liking it so much that I decided to go back and buy more of it, even though it was slightly more expensive than other beers (It's about RM28 at BSC, and RM22 in Isetan KLCC I think)

Anyway, this is probably one of the best ales available currently here. Made to commemorate Fuller's 150th anniversary, it is bottle conditioned and matured for 100 days. It has a wonderful fruit cake aroma, malty, and has a full, malty, creamy body that was also pretty chocolate-ty as well. The richness of the malt was just wonderful, and I just love the aroma of the ale.

For RM22-28 a bottle, it's probably slightly expensive, but still worth it, considering it is a 500ml bottle. Plus it's better than most ales that cost just as much anyway.

Fuller's 1845 is 6.3% ABV, and I saw it in O Gourmet in Bangsar Shopping Complex, Isetan KLCC and is apparently available at Sid's Pubs for a limited time as well.

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