Monday, 19 December 2011

It's All About The Bromance, My Dear Watson.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows
Not A Review.
Wayhey, Sherlock Downey Jr is back!
And So is Jude Watson!
Bromance is alive!

RDJ's Sherlock is still the coolest incarnation ever,
Though I quite like the Benedict Cumberbatch BBC one too.
RDJ's Sherlock is a bit TOO scruffy sometimes,
Even though he's certainly cooler than most,
And boy can he kick ass.
His disguises could do with a bit of work though LOL.

Oh look, it's the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
Without a dragon tattoo, obviously.
She looks exotic here, no wonder she was so good as Lisbeth.
No cleavage rating though haih.
And she really didn't have much to do, did she?

Nope, no romance romance here,
It's all about the bromance, bro!
Watson is the straight guy to Holmes crazy guy,
And they've got to be one of the best bromance couples ever.
Although Holmes has to be one of the worse best men ever...

Oooh, and there's also the Great Rivalry.
Moriarty FTW!
Accept no other Holmes villain, I always say.
He's a real match for Holmes here.
And oooh look, the Reichenbach Falls!
(Non-Holmes fans, don't Google this if you don't want any spoilers)
La di da....

Still, it's jolly good fun.
Good action, nice effects,
Lots of slow-mo and lots of bullet time
And RDJ is always fun to watch when he's in crazy genius mode.
The plot's not exactly rocket science though,
Just elementary.

Truth be told, I prefer the BBC TV show Sherlock though,
RDJ is good, but that BBC guy is better.
And Moriarty here is a bit disappointing.
Still quite intimidating, but something missing somehow.
The BBC one is damn chilling though, go watch it!


jeevs said...

Cumberbatch kicks some serious ass and definitely reignited my interest in Holmes. It seems to have more "brains" than this version's "brawns", but RDJ brings his crazy genius touch to it to make it a complete character...

Moriarty here, while clever, doesn't seem to have a sinister streak in him and I envisaged that he would give Holmes more of a mental workout...

Michael Cheang said...

EXACTLY. I remember getting a chill when Moriarty finally revealed himself in the BBC series.