Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My My, Mylo Xyloto, WHOAAAAAAAA

This just in. Based on the lyrics on Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay's next new album will consist of songs that only have the lyrics WOAAAH, OOOH, AAAHH and WOOOO in them. I lost count of how many times Chris Martin goes WOAAH in this album, or breaks out into non-committal Lalalalas in the middle of a chorus (like in Princess of China). Even when I saw them performing the new songs live during Splendour In The Grass, we could all singalong with the songs because there were so many WOAAAH moments in them. It's like Chris Martin is trying to recreate the WOOAAH in Viva La Vida, so that he can get the crowd to sing it during concerts.

Lyrics aside though, this is a pretty solid album though. The first few songs are soaring stuff (though I maintain that Paradise is one of the most boring singles they've released so far, and it doesn't help that I think it is a rip-off of a Beyond song, hehe), starting off with one of my favorites, Hurts Like Heaven, which is just... FUN.

My favorite song off the album has to be Charlie Brown (despite the annoying chipmunk voices in the intro). I keep humming the damn riff for hours unconciously, that's how addictive it is. Princess Of China is also pretty good, but I hate it that half the song is just Martin and Rihanna going nananana and "you stole my star", and the best part of the song, the chorus where Rihanna sings "Could have been a princess..." is only sung ONCE. ONCE! Godammit.

Anyway, the style of music here is pretty much stadium anthem Coldplay, with a lot more electronic synths thrown in. There are some wonderfully uplifting sonic flourishes that rise and rise and don't ever seem to come back down, but also some repetitive and somewhat unremarkable moments that seem to just go on and on.

Ok, I don't think it's worth the five stars that Q Magazine gave it, but it IS still a pretty solid album that gets better and better with each listen. But trust me when I say the songs song A LOT BETTER when they play it live. heh heh.


suanie said...

the album's inspired by graffiti. oh look, useless trivia.

Stupid_O said...

a random comment. i remember you gave the gaslight anthem's american slang an honorary mention for albums of 2011. if you liked gaslight anthem, you'd like brian fallon's side project, horrible crowes. check out their album, elsie.