Tuesday, 28 February 2012

20 Reasons Why Sherlock is Awesome

1) C'mon, it's SHERLOCK HOLMES.

2) It's not made by Americans (unlike THIS ONE, which sounds absolutely horrendous. Lucy Liu as Watson? You've GOT to be joking).

3)  If your only exposure to the character so far is the Robert Downey Jr version, then you've got a lot to learn. While entertaining, the movie version was just a little to cloying, and somehow, too AMERICAN for my liking.

4) If your only exposure to the character is the one from the BOOKS, then this be a nice modern update to your idea of what he is like in your mind.

5) THAT title sequence.

6) Benedict Cucumberpatch BLOWS Robert Downey Jr's Sherlock OUT OF THE WATER and INTO THE FALLS. He really IS that good.

7) I especially like how Cumberbatch makes Sherlock so eccentric but not overly so that he looks like a flamboyant but ingenious cuckoo (which RDJ's version seemed to be like at times).

8) James Moriarty is a thousand times more dastardly, chilling, scary, psychotic and ingenius  than the one in the movie. Just the introduction of the character will blow your mind.

9) The romance between Sherlock & Irene seems a lot more sensual (not because Irene is naked), and she is definitely better written than the 'damsel in distress' version in the movies.

10) Irene Adler. Naked. Nuff. said.

11) The two season finales are exactly the sort of episodes that make you WANT MORE I WANT MORE WHY ARE THERE ONLY THREE EPISODES IN EACH SEASON GAAAAAH

12) On the bright side, each episode lasts 90 minutes, which is actually longer than some Hollywood movies. This means there is a lot more to absorb each episode, AND the stories are tied up nicely in the end.

13) He may not be as good looking as Jude Law, but Martin Freeman's Watson is everything I thought Watson should be like - prim, proper, a little awkward, and extremely British.

14) I'm a sucker for the way Agatha Christie used to have Hercule Poirot present the solution to the case in the end - it wrapped up everything nicely with a BIG REVELATION. The way Sherlock presents his solutions here remind me of that sometimes. Besides, if you've watched enough American crime procedurals, everything seems a bit TOO convenient, but though it DOES seem that way in Sherlock sometimes, at least the WAY he solves these cases AND the way he presents the solutions are WAY more fun and ingenious than your average CSI team.

15) Ah, the writing, and the stories. These are not direct adaptations of Doyle's stories but rather, updated, modern version of them, with enough familiar details and situations and iconic scenes thrown in to make it brilliant.

16) Having cellphones doesn't make things easier for Sherlock. It only makes things more complicated.

17) I've compare the way both Downey Jr & Cumberbatch rattle off their deductions in their respective mediums, and found that Cumberbatch's rants are MUCH, MUCH smoother and entertaining than RDJ's, especially since his is a natural British accent, and RDJ just sounds like Tony Stark on speed at times.

18) Nothing to do with Sherlock, but I can't wait to see Martin Freeman as Bilbo.

19) Have I mentioned just how awesome Benedict Cumberbatch is as Sherlock already?


Monday, 27 February 2012

20 Things That Went Through My Mind During the Oscars

1) Billy Crystal. Give him the hosting job FOR LIFE please. No more mucking about with shit like Franco/Hathaway (as good looking as they were), or unprovens like Eddie Murphy.

2) Ok, that said, the opening montage and the song and dance didn't really cut it for me. I think Crystal was rusty.

3) Wouldn't it be funny if the winners for The Artist had gone up there with placards and signed their way through the acceptance speeches instead? For added effect, throw in a few barks from Uggie the doggie.

4) Five for The Artist (including three majors), five minor ones for Hugo. The Scorsese Drinking Game should have been called the Hugo Drinking Game instead. Or change it to The Artist Game, where you drink every time someone doesn't say anything. Or everytime the camera panned to the dog.

5) Natalie Portman. Emma Stone. Cameron Diaz. Angelina Jolie. Penelope Cruz. Milla Jovovich. Tina Fey. Jennifer Lopez. Can the Academy just dispense with the male presenters once and for all? I don't even remember what Owen Wilson looked like when he came out together with Penelope...

6) The In Memoriam segment was kinda sad. And why Steve Jobs, you ask? No Jobs, NO PIXAR.

7) Will Ferrell and Zach Gianagahwhatever. Serious Musicians With Cymbals. Awesome.

8) Ooh Cirque Du Soleil! Er, did that acrobat lose his footing?

9) No performances of the nominated Original Songs. Heck, no songs at all, other than Esperanza Spalding singing during the In Memoriam segment. On one hand, it made the show seem shorter than usual. On the other hand, I would have LOVED to see the Man and Muppet song performed live.

10) RANGO! YAY! No Pixar this year, and but Dreamworks STILL couldn't win Best Animated Feature, even with TWO nominations.

11) Dear dear Meryl Streep. But before anyone says the Academy is Meryl's bitch, remember this (which The Great Swifty pointed out to me): She's had 17 nominations, and this was only her third win. Her LAST win was almost THIRTY YEARS AGO, for Sophie's Choice.

12) Did J-Lo REALLY have a wardrobe malfunction during her presentation? *searches Google Images*

13) The Bridesmaids. Wah that Rose Byrne REALLY looks skinny, especially next to Melissa McCarthy (who was AWESOME). Oh, and I was rooting for Kristen Wigg to win the best screenplay award, but when Woody Allen is around, what can you do?

14) I love Robert Downey Jr., but I thought his documentary schtick didn't really work. It felt abit forced, and it didn't help that Gwyneth was damn kayu. But DAMN, they should have had them present an award to The Iron Lady. That would have been awesome.

15) I thought the segments where the movie stars talk about what the movies mean to them was nice at first, but should have been kept to maybe two segments only. And Morgan Freeman actually watched the ORIGINAL King Kong in the cinema. Is he THAT old??!!???

16) Uggie The Doggie! WHEE! Why wasn't Joey the War horse there as well?

17) I wish Sacha Baron Cohen would throw ash on Ryan Seacrest EVERY YEAR, just to get that smug-faced fella off the show.

18) Justin Bieber in an Oscars Montage? THE HORROR!

19) Ah, Christopher Plummer. Good on ya, Captain Von Trapp. Dear Academy, please give Gary Oldman an Oscar as well kthxbai.

20) Best acceptance speeches: Octavia Spencer, Meryl Streep, Brett McKenzie.

Friday, 24 February 2012

News of Pixar's Demise Have been Bravely Exaggerated

Disappointed with Cars 2? Think Pixar is losing their touch?
Then click the poster for a look at the new trailer (More of an extended clip, actually) for BRAVE

Now THAT is what I call a Pixar movie!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Beer Of The Week: India Pale Ale from Japan. Er... right.

Today's beer of the week is one of two IPAs I bought at Jibiru in Somerset 313 in Singapore. Jibiru is currently one of my favorite beer joints in Singapore - it's convenient to get to via MRT, and it's got a great selection of Japanese craft beers. It even stocks one of the best ciders I've ever tasted - the Coldstream Cider from Australia!

Anyway, on my last trip to Singapore, I brought home two bottles of Japanese IPAs to try at home. The first of these is the Kinshachi India Pale Ale (7% ABV), from the Morita Kinshachi Brewery in Japan.

In case you are not familiar with IPA, it stands for India Pale Ale. No, it wasn't made in India, the beer originated from England, and apparently got the name from being called "pale ale made for India". In the US, many craft breweries have taken to making their own IPAs, and their style of IPAs are generally quite hoppy and bitter, with a very high IBU.

So, on to the Kinshachi IPA. This was not as bitter as some of the American IPAs I've tried, this is nevertheless still a nice decent offering in that style. It doesn't have much of a nose, but on the palate it tastes slightly bitter, but with a subtle tangy sweetness to it. It's even got a little bit of a bubblegum aftertaste that I quite like. Hmmm, I think I might get another bottle back the next time I go to Jibiru...

Friday, 17 February 2012

I Wanna Watch Ghost Rider Ride a Tuk Tuk.

Ghost Rider: The Spirit Of Vengeance
Not a Review.
Good news is, this doesn't burn as badly as the first one.
But that isn't saying much.
It flickers here and there,
But doesn't really spark.

Yes, it's the whole Son of Satan angle again.
Satan wants to take over the kid's body and take over the world.
Yadda yadda yadda.
It's the GHOST RIDER for fucks sake,
Give him a better story lar idiots!
And a better bad guy to fight.
That Blackout decaying dude was so annoying and lame.

OK lar, visually Ghost Rider looks awesome.
I mean, it's a SKULL. ON FIRE.
With a BIKE. On FIRE.
Anything is cool when it is on fire.
Except when it burns down homes and shit of course.
Then fire is not so awesome anymore.

Anyway, apparently everything he "rides",
Turns into an awesome flaming thingamajig.
MAkes you wonder what will happen if he rides a skateboard,
Or a bicycle, or a scooter.
Or hey, what about a tuk tuk!
Hmmmm. Ghost Tuk Tuk Rider.
Now I'd pay to see THAT.

The chick quite hot ler,
But no Cleavage Rating.
And she doesn't really do much either.
Besides being the mother of the Son of Satan.
Wish it was still Eva Mendes.
She was hotter than the Ghost Rider in the first movie.
And she didn't even need to be on fire heh heh.

Seriously, Nick Cage,
Please stop trying to make superhero movies.
You're just not cut out for that shit.
He's suitably tortured and insane at times here,
But he just doesn't have that Johnny Blaze look.
Even the flaming skull looks better, Nick.