Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Beer Of The Week: India Pale Ale from Japan. Er... right.

Today's beer of the week is one of two IPAs I bought at Jibiru in Somerset 313 in Singapore. Jibiru is currently one of my favorite beer joints in Singapore - it's convenient to get to via MRT, and it's got a great selection of Japanese craft beers. It even stocks one of the best ciders I've ever tasted - the Coldstream Cider from Australia!

Anyway, on my last trip to Singapore, I brought home two bottles of Japanese IPAs to try at home. The first of these is the Kinshachi India Pale Ale (7% ABV), from the Morita Kinshachi Brewery in Japan.

In case you are not familiar with IPA, it stands for India Pale Ale. No, it wasn't made in India, the beer originated from England, and apparently got the name from being called "pale ale made for India". In the US, many craft breweries have taken to making their own IPAs, and their style of IPAs are generally quite hoppy and bitter, with a very high IBU.

So, on to the Kinshachi IPA. This was not as bitter as some of the American IPAs I've tried, this is nevertheless still a nice decent offering in that style. It doesn't have much of a nose, but on the palate it tastes slightly bitter, but with a subtle tangy sweetness to it. It's even got a little bit of a bubblegum aftertaste that I quite like. Hmmm, I think I might get another bottle back the next time I go to Jibiru...

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