Friday, 17 February 2012

I Wanna Watch Ghost Rider Ride a Tuk Tuk.

Ghost Rider: The Spirit Of Vengeance
Not a Review.
Good news is, this doesn't burn as badly as the first one.
But that isn't saying much.
It flickers here and there,
But doesn't really spark.

Yes, it's the whole Son of Satan angle again.
Satan wants to take over the kid's body and take over the world.
Yadda yadda yadda.
It's the GHOST RIDER for fucks sake,
Give him a better story lar idiots!
And a better bad guy to fight.
That Blackout decaying dude was so annoying and lame.

OK lar, visually Ghost Rider looks awesome.
I mean, it's a SKULL. ON FIRE.
With a BIKE. On FIRE.
Anything is cool when it is on fire.
Except when it burns down homes and shit of course.
Then fire is not so awesome anymore.

Anyway, apparently everything he "rides",
Turns into an awesome flaming thingamajig.
MAkes you wonder what will happen if he rides a skateboard,
Or a bicycle, or a scooter.
Or hey, what about a tuk tuk!
Hmmmm. Ghost Tuk Tuk Rider.
Now I'd pay to see THAT.

The chick quite hot ler,
But no Cleavage Rating.
And she doesn't really do much either.
Besides being the mother of the Son of Satan.
Wish it was still Eva Mendes.
She was hotter than the Ghost Rider in the first movie.
And she didn't even need to be on fire heh heh.

Seriously, Nick Cage,
Please stop trying to make superhero movies.
You're just not cut out for that shit.
He's suitably tortured and insane at times here,
But he just doesn't have that Johnny Blaze look.
Even the flaming skull looks better, Nick.


Jason Mumbles said...

It's starting to feel like a The Hulk franchise. Fail again and again, until someone decided to give him a proper villain to go against, like Abomination for Hulk.

jeevs said...

Nic Cage - stop making films. PERIOD.