Friday, 16 March 2012

20 Signs That You're Probably Watching Too Many TV Dramas

1) Your playlist consists of TV theme songs, and you can never seem to get them out of your head.

2) You automatically think of Horatio Caine every time you hear a song by The Who.

3) It doesn't matter how many other shows or movies they've made. They'll always be Barney/Thirteen/Mulder/Buffy/Angel/That freaky vampire from Supernatural to you.

4) You instantly tell who the murderer/conspirator will be by who is on the guest star's list. If you don't recognize anyone among the guest stars, then it's usually the person who only makes like a five minute appearance in the first 25 minutes.

5)  You always expect the solution, diagnose or final piece of the puzzle to be inadvertently given by someone OUTSIDE the investigation, usually someone in the family or personal life of the lead commenting about something completely relevant to the case.

6) You go "HEY! THAT'S Crowley/Sterling/The Guy From Chuck/CSI/Dollhouse!" He must be the murderer/bad guy/evil mastermind!" every time you see Mark Sheppard.

7) You start rolling your eyes whenever you realize that it's the Halloween/Christmas/Thanksgiving episode.

8) "Hey, another case about social media/ghosts/vampires. Didn't CSI/NCIS/Bones/Castle do an episode like that as well?"

9) You know exactly which part of the show is non-vital enough to tune out and go get a beer or take a piss.

10) You start imagining what it would happen if Horatio Caine, the BAU from Criminal Minds and The Mentalist got together to solve a case. Imagine the fireworks! There's gotta be a movie in there SOMEWHERE.

11) You know by heart the exact days and times a new episode of your favorite show goes on air in the States, and when and where to start er... acquiring them.

12) You watch shows not by the episode, but by the SEASON.

13) You yell, "LOOK OUT, SHE'S A CYLON!" While watching Hawaii Five-o

14) You actually start watching the Emmys just to see your favorite shows win. I mean seriously, WHO watches the EMMYS?

15) You watch shows just because the leading actress is hot, even though it jumped the shark two seasons ago.

16) You keep time based on how many episodes you've watched.

17) You can recognize the voices and sounds of each show so well that, you can pretty much 'watch' a show from the other room and still know what is going on without even looking at the TV.

18) You start downloading episodes of older series' as 'filler' to fill the TV off season.

19) You watch TV shows on your phone, your iPad, in the upper-left corner of your laptop screen while your're working...

20) You forget how to use your Astro remote.


suanie said...

stop describing me

chris said...

"You keep time based on how many episodes you've watched." This is so true.

Strizzt said...

Dreamt of Olivia Dunham today. Eep.

jeevs said...

I wish comedy had much choice as Drama. At last count, there are about 4 American sitcoms currently running that worth anyone's time.

If you're taking requests - could you do a similar list for sitcoms?

Michael Cheang said...

Unfortunately I don't watch THAT many US sitcoms. I always find them too contrived and trying too hard. The only ones I watch regularly these days are HIMYM, Modern Family, and Cougar Town.