Thursday, 1 March 2012

Beer Of The Week: Kajigga Kajigga Shiga Kogen!

Today's Beer Of The Week is the other Japanese IPA I bought from Jibiru in Singapore - Shiga Kogen IPA.

Brewed by Tamamura-Honten, a brewery in Yamanouchi, this is a lot closer to the IPAs I am more familiar with, especially compared to the previous Japanese IPA I tried - the Kinshachi IPA. It IS slightly lighter than the Kinshachi though, being only 6% ABV, but somehow it tastes a lot richer. I definitely prefer this over the Kinshachi though.

It's got a wonderfully hoppy nose, with a slight hint of citrus. Nice, medium bodied mouth-feel, with a sharp tang of bitterness, and again, slight citrus notes. Surprisingly refreshing for such a bitter-tasting beer, it also has a nice, dry slightly lychee but bitter finish that is not too long but not too short either.

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