Thursday, 15 March 2012

Beer Of The Week: Let's Split Some Skulls!

Skull Splitter. Who can resist a beer that is called SKULL SPLITTER. Ok, I'm a sucker for awesomely named beers, having tried stuff like Arrogant Bastard, Dead Guy ale and so on. I got this bottle from Taps Beer Bar, which is currently probably the most awesome beer bar in town, with 40 different beers on bottles and about 18 on tap.

The beer is brewed by the Oakney brewery in Scotland, and at 8.5%ABV, it is the brewery's strongest ale, and is named after Thorfinn Einarsson, the 7th Viking Earl of Oakney. It's got a deep, malty and strangely, slightly lychee-ish nose. There is a slight bitterness and hops to the flavor, but a hint of lychee, coriander, and er... soy sauce. The alcohol doesn't hit you until much later, and a sharp bitter tang to the finish. It's also slightly fruity, but the bitter hoppy flavour and the deep, dark malty oomph is a bit too strong for me.

IT's strong though, and if you're not used to the more heavy flavoured. This is definitely not a beer you'd want to drink all night, not just because of the high alcohol content, but also because the taste can be quite heavy handed. It's bitter, hoppy, and can be slightly off-puttingly bitter for some.

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