Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Beer Of The Week: Red MacGregor, Not Ewan Great

The best part about Taps Beer Bar is they have so many beers on tap and by the bottle that you can go there every day to try a different each day for a whole month, and you still wouldn't be able to finish trying all the beers. I dropped by there after the St. Patrick's and grabbed the Oakney Red MacGregor Ruby Ale, which apparently had been selling quite well at Taps.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be one of the more disappointing beers I've had there so far. Pouring a nice ruby red, has the slightest of aromas, slight hints of lychee and little bit of rust to be honest. Heck, I had to sniff so hard to get a whiff of the nose that I nearly got beer up MY nose.

It fares slightly better on the palate though. There're some biscuity, hoppy, malty notes, but not much else. It's a little thin though, almost reminds me of the piss-like Lite beers I tried in US; but with a little bit more flavor to it.

I'm not sure whether it's just my bottle or it's the beer, but I found this to be quite disappointing, considering how highly rated it is on RateBeer. I found it a bit too weak for my liking, and struggled a little to identify the flavours and the nose. And frankly, any beer that reminds me of the crap piss American Lite beers was always going to fare poorly with me...

Oh well, good thing there are so many other beers to try at Taps hehe....

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