Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Seuss Makes Me Wanna Rhyme, Almost Every Single Time!

The Lorax, Not a Review.
I couldn't stop rhyming after the preview.
So bear with my dismal poetic attempt,
And please don't regard me with too much contempt.

This is a film that everyone should see,
It’s fun, colourful, witty and funny,
It’s great fun for kids and families.
And it teaches us to save the trees!

Yes, The Lorax is a story about being green;
A subject on which you might not be very keen.
Now the book has been made into a movie,
Spreading its message in IMAX 3D.

Remember the horrible Cat In The Hat?
Or Jim Carrey’s Grinch, oh that was so bad.
But Horton Hears A Who got me over the moon,
I think Dr. Seuss is best when it’s a cartoon!

Since the book was as short as a song,
The movie stretches it to 90 minutes long.
The main story of the book is still there,
But they've added more to make it less spare.

It's got that kid from High School Musical,
And Taylor Swift, who has pretty good vocals.
There's also Ed Helms, the specky Hangover dude,
Oh, and Betty White as a granny with a cool attitude.

The Lorax was a character as rich as wine,
With Danny Devito voicing his every line.
He was cute, cuddly but also rather grumpy,
He can also make you feel damn crappy.

The film stays true to Dr. Seuss’ story,
With a few changes to keep the kids happy.
The dialogue and script was nice and witty,
And the IMAX 3D was actually quite pretty.

This brought back a lot of childhood memories,
Of finishing Dr Seuss books in a jiffy.
I hope it gets kids to read the book,
And keep in their own special nook.

Kids will love it, adults will be laughing,
Just don’t get annoyed by the corporate bashing.
Kids will have fun, and I hope they’ll learn,
That we shouldn’t let all the trees burn.

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Dan O. said...

When all is said and done, The Lorax has plenty of ups and downs when it comes to added plot and characters, but it’s still a nice family feature nonetheless. However, the right-wing message may start to get a little preachy at times. Good review. Give mine a look when you get the chance.