Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Here's To Guinness & The Friendliest Day Of the Year!

So, last last Saturday, I was moving house all day, and was pretty damn tired. By the time we’d done most of the heavy lifting, it was already 6pm, and I was dying for a nice cold beer.

Then I remembered… It’s St. Patrick’s Day! There’s a BIG Guinness street party going on at Changkat Bukit Bintang!

So in the end, my desire for a nice cold glass of Guinness beat my tiredness to submission and I ventured out to KL for the party. I decided to park at Pavilion and take a short walk to Changkat from there (which turned out to be a pretty good idea because the traffic was CHAOS later).

I got there relatively early and the party hadn’t started going yet. But some of the pubs were already packed and people had started booking tables on the street already…

Anyway, I headed over to Loco, where these two jokers were already lepaking at along with KY:

Hello Fireangel and Suanie! WHEE!

But first things first… GIMME MY PINT OF GUINNESS!!!!

Oooh look, there’s even a nice little shamrock on top of the foam! What a nice touch!

Ahhhhhh, nothing like a nice pint of Guinness after a long day of moving house. I finished the first pint in double quick time, and was about to guzzle down the second when we were told to head over to the Arthur’s Lounge for a special visit:

For RM50, party-goers could go into the Arthur’s Lounge for a pint of Guinness, food and even get to pour their own pint of Guinness!

There, I learnt how to pour my own pint of Guinness, using the now famous two-part pour.

first, you gotta hold the glass at a 45 degree angle, and then PULL the tap towards you. Then as the glass slowly fills up, you SLLOOOWWLLYYY straighten the glass, and then close the tap. After that, you let the Guinness rest for a few minutes. This was the most agonising part for me, because you just do nothing but stare at the half-full glass, and watching the foam and guinness swirling and bubbling inside the damn glass... GAH! SOOO THIRSTYFYING!!!!

Anyway, after you've let the liquid settle for a while, you now hold the glass under the tap again, and this time, PUSH the lever all the way until the glass is full and there is a nice, dome-shaped foam on top. Now THAT'S A perfect Guinness two-part pour! So next time you go to a bar and they DON'T do the two-part pour, complain and ask for another glass! :D

Check out Fireangel pouring a pint of Guinness for herself, heh heh.


Oh, and that’s not all, you also get a cool, personalised Guinness glass with your name engraved on it! WHEE!

After lepaking at the lounge for a while (and stuffing our mouths with canapés), we headed back to Loco, where we got some GREAT seats at the balcony overlooking the party below:

I was already pretty tired by then, and decided to just plonk myself on the balcony and watch everyone else party. Oh, and enjoy the food at Loco, which also included these AWESOME chocolate mousse desserts that came in tiny Guinness glasses! Whee!

As you can see, the party was already beginning to get going by then, and people were really enjoying the whole RM10 a Guinness deal. The organisers also did a damn good job of making sure there was ALWAYS something happening at the party, with street performers running around, hot Guinness chicks serving Guinness, and also stage performances later on in the night.

Oh, and there was an AWESOME fireworks display that lasted most than 5 minutes long (I know it lasted that long because it lasted the length of Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling, which is about that length hehe).

All in all, it was a damn good party, and apparently it also set the record for BIGGEST St. Patrick's Day celebration in Asia, with more than 10,000 party-goers joining the party!

So, here's to Guinness, and the Friendliest Day Of The Year! Now, Bring on Arthur's Day! :D

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