Friday, 27 April 2012

20 Comics That Would make AWESOME TV Shows

1) Gotham Central - Imagine a nitty-gritty crime procedural set in Gotham City, and focusing on the Gotham PD's Major Crimes Unit. Imagine being a police officer in a city with Batman. I want this TV show to be made SO BADLY.

2) Transmetropolitan: Spider Jerusalem rocks. He's an almost insane journalist in a futuristic City who sticks his middle finger at establishment and government by.... writing a column. A thoroughly kickass character whose vocabulary has more swear words than actual words. Carrie Bradshaw isn't even worthy enough to lick the bottom left notch in the sole of his boots.

3) Runaways - A group of kids who find out their parents are part of a gang of supervillains, and runaway from home. There was supposed to be a Runaways movie, but it's still stuck in pre-development hell. A light-hearted, Buffy-like ensemble TV show would probably suit it better though, plus the kids don't wear stupid spandex costumes, so it would be easier to produce. I think.

4) Sandman: Seriously, they've been wrestling with making a Sandman movie since the beginning of Destiny, and they're still nowhere near greenlighting it. And for good reason. The story is so sprawling, has so much depth and characters, that putting it all in ONE movie would NEVER be able to do it justice. So why not make it a TV show instead. With the right producers, it could be an epic, dark serialised show that doesn't just focus on Dream, but even Death, and the rest of the Endless as well. Think of the possibilities!

5) DMZ: New York City. War zone. This is the story of one journalist in the middle of the DMZ, struggling to make sense of the senseless fighting in his own country... Would make a great, intense, story-driven serialised show.

6) Y: The Last Man: Hey, The Walking Dead is set in a world full of zombies. How different is that from a world full of women and only ONE man (and his monkey)? Get a REALLY good looking guy to play Yorrick, and LOTS of hot chicks. WIN!

7) Top Ten: One of my favourite Alan Moore stories, about a police force on a world full of superheroes. Should be awesome.

8) Hellblazer: Yes, I know he already had a feature film, but though it was entertaining, Keanu Reeves just ain't Constantine. Besides, the rich texture and awesome supernatural stories that Constantine gets into make for an awesome TV show. The BBC really should consider making this one, just so they can make it as British as possible.

9) Fables: Once upon a time, this would have been on top of my list. But now, thanks to shows like Grimm and Once Upon a Time, I think the market for fable-related TV shows is already kinda crowded. Would still be great to see Fables turned into a proper show though. It WAS optioned for a show in 2010, but that project is dead now.

10) Ultimate Spider-man: Sure, he's got lots of movies already, but the storyline in Ultimate Spider-man neatly balances his superhero exploits with his his personal life, relationship and growing pains; as well as how he copes with being a teenager with superpowers. Smallville, eat your heart out.

11) 100 Bullets: 100 Episodes of gritty, ultra-violent hardcore crime drama. Perfect.

12) Animal Man - One of the more offbeat superheroes in the DC universe. Animal Man can absorb and use the abilities of any animal in the vicinity; but the main appeal of this comic is not the superhero part, but how Buddy Barker manages to juggle being a family man AND being a superhero. Would make a damn good family drama, I bet.

13) BPRD: Hellboy's got his own movies, so why can't the BPRD have their own show? It could be a Fringe or X-Files-like show where the team investigates a Monster of The Week, and the central plot could be one of the long running stories in the comic books like Plague of Frogs or something.

14) Books Of Magic: Before there was Harry Potter, there was Tim Hunter, who was introduced to magic by the Trenchcoat Brigade, which includes John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger, Doctor Occult and Mister E. Against THIS lot, Hagrid would have been banished to Never-neverland even before he lifted his silly umbrella. There could even be a potential crossover to the Constantine TV show!

15) Ex-Machina - A political drama with superheroes. Ok, ONE superhero. Who is also the Mayor of New York. Who as a superhero saved one of the World Trade Center towers during 9/11. from You can't tell me this isn't the perfect premise for a TV show about politics and superheroes.

16) Batman: Gotham Knights - This won't be just a show about Batman, but about all his allies as well. Heck, they could make Robin the main protagonist of the show, and show how the Bat-team (which includes Oracle, Robin, Huntress, Azrael and so on) work together to fight crime in Gotham. It'll be like Gotham Central, but with a lighter focus and on the superheroes instead. I'm sure there'd be A LOT of drama to mine just from the interactions between each superhero. There could even be a crossover with the Gotham Central series! 

17) Preacher: This was actually optioned for a TV show way back in 2006, but it's currently in limbo. It should ideally be a more Western type show, but it won't be easy to adapt a show about a preacher who wants to hunt down the REAL God and get Him to answer for His sins. And seriously... ARSEFACE? Good luck trying to get HIM on the show.
18) Resurrection Man: Admittedly, I've only read RM's New DC 52 comics, so I'm not very well-versed in the character as a whole. But hey, he's a guy who dies, and is resurrected each time with different super powers. Would make a GREAT Quantum Leap styled series. I was considering putting Deadman here instead, but Resurrection Man somehow seems a lot more interesting to me...

19) League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Chances of THIS ever being made is virtually nil, considering that Alan Moore absolutely ABHORES working with Hollywood after they mangled up the LXG movie (a movie so bad that Sean Connery quit acting after that haha). But it would be GREAT to have a movie about the LXG, set in different ages. Just have the two main characters Alan Quatermain and Mina Harker (three if you want to count Orlando) and have different literary figures join them on each episode. Would probably be hell getting the permission to write many of the characters into the show though, but wouldn't it be GREAT if they pulled it off?

20) Tank Girl - Would probably be more suited as a cartoon, to be honest, but it would be a hoot if there was a Tank Girl TV show. It should ideally be a sitcom though, since I'm not sure Tank girl's antics could be stretched to a one hour drama.


camlok said...

I thought there was a tank girl movie quite sometime ago??

Michael Cheang said...

I saw it. don't remember much of it. LOL.