Thursday, 5 April 2012

20 Reasons Why The Cranberries Concert Rocked

1) Voice gone. Neck sore from too much headbanging. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

2) Actually, there were 22 reasons, but I didn't want to populate this list with just the song titles heh.

3) They started out with Dreams, then Linger. Now THAT is what I call an opening!

4) Stadium Negara didn't seem as stuffy and warm as the Jason Mraz concert we were at few years back. Looks like they fixed the air-conditioning...

5) Dolores was awesomely cute on stage. She wore this little black tutu and was dancing around, flapping her arms around wildly and headbanging, like a little, rocking black swan.

6) Would the band have been banned if they had known Dolores would be wearing a tutu onstage? LOL

7) There's just something about bands from the 90's that make for really awesome concerts. Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, and now Cranberries. Maybe it's because their back catalog is usually choke-full of awesome songs (they don't write songs like those these days), and because I know all those awesome songs AND can sing them all by heart. I still think that the best concerts are the ones where you know all the songs.

8) That said, the Cranberries DID play most of their back catalogue, with all the hits and familiar songs. This was more of a Greatest Hits concert than an album promo, so it made all of us very happy. :D

9) I rediscovered No Need To Argue. It used to be one of my favorite albums of all time, but I completely forgot about it. Last night, they sang almost half of the album, though not my utmost favorite song - No Need to Argue.

10) ODE TO MY FAMILY! That ranked as one of my favorite concert singalongs EVAR.

11) The heavier, more complex Daffodil Lament was one of the least likely songs I thought they'd play. Reminded me of how dark the entire No Need To Argue album actually was.

12) I didn't think much of the new album at first, but after hearing some of the songs live, I think I might give it another shot. Conduct seemed especially nice.

13) Though as expected, a lot of the new songs didn't get much of a response. The band was wise to slot them in sporadically after 3-4 older ones, just to keep the crowd going.

14) I used to be a HUGE Cranberries fan a long time ago. I'm surprised I still remember so many of their songs, AND can still singalong to most of them...


16) OH, that ONE SONG you all know means you all HAVE to hold up your bloody phones and RECORD it lah, right? C'mon you idiots, it's ZOMBIE. STOP RECORDING AND START HEADBANGING, GODDAMIT.

17) Sometimes I wonder why people spend so much money on concert tickets then just stand or sit there doing nothing but take pictures or videos.

18) All the same, despite the lack of concerts here, Malaysian concert crowds are SO MUCH more fun than Singaporean ones. At least a vast majority of us actually DO dance, jump, scream and sing along most of the time.

19) After the frenzy of Zombie, the encore seemed a bit anti-climatic, especially since they sang two new songs in the beginning. But ending with the massive shoutfests Salvation and Promises made up for it. :D

20) From stadium to home in 20 minutes. Parking down the hill at Kampung Attap was a good decision indeed.

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