Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I'll Unfollow Youuuu

I'll unfollow youuuu,
Unfollow you because your tweets are dumb,
Your updates are nothing but shit,
I'll report you for spam just to keep you awaaay,

I'll unfollow youuuu
Ever since you dissed my friend, I knew,
That I can't stand reading your tweets,
And nothing you say is legit,
Just lots of idiocy...

I'll Unfriend you, unfriend you, unfriend you
And on Twitter I'll unfollow, unfollow, unfollow,
I'll ban you from my Circles, my circles, my circles,
And block you forever, forever, forever...

I'll unfollow youuuu
Especially if you are a Manyoo fan,
Stop spamming my timeline, you dick,
I don't care for your mindless retweets,
So just go away... and you'll make my daaay!

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