Friday, 18 May 2012

20 Reasons to go for Brewfest 2012

1) Over 50 different beers to try! I was there yesterday from 2pm to 1130pm, and even I only managed to get up to 31 different beers, and this was with my "Don't drink the same beer twice all day" rule (Of course I didn't finish ENTIRE BOTTLES, just tasting samples, but still...)

2) BREWFEST is MAlaysia's FIRST EVER Malaysia’s 1st International Beer Festival. MUST SUPPORT!

3) It's cozy and easy to get to. The Brewfest is happening at Publika @ Solaris Dutams/Mont Kiara, which is reasonably easy to get to, and parking is not too tough either.

4) It starts at 5.30pm, and goes on until late at night, TODAY and TOMORROW. Which means lots of time to TRY ALL THE BEERS!

5) All the beers are sold at cost price. For instance, at Taps, a Mikkeller or an Orkney would set you back about RM30++ at least. At Brewfest, they're selling them at RM15-20 EACH. Now THAT'S a steal.

6) OK, there's a RM68 entry fee that includes two beers. But  the number of awesome and different beers available AND the price they're being sold at makes the entry fee WORTH EVERY PENNY.

7) Taps Beer Bar is one of the most awesome beer places in KL right now, with almost 60 different beers on tap and in bottle. They've brought about 40 of those beers along with them to Brewfest, and are selling those at cost price, so this is an AWESOME chance to check out all those beers!

8) THIS AWESOME HOT DOG. One of the best I've ever tasted!

9) Hitachino Nest! I love Jibiru in Singapore, and the guys from that place have brought up some of their awesome Hitachino Nest Japanese Craft beers for Brewfest. The Yona Yona and Espresso Stout is especially awesome!

10) Douglas Lim stand-up comedy. His shows can be patchy, but after a few beers, hey, he might get funnier. The show we attended last night was pretty funny. :D

11) Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast - thick, rich, chocolaty, coffee-y and awesome.

12) For the lovers of lighter beers, there's Warsteiner, Tsingtao, Suntory, Konig Ludwig and even some Singha available as well!

13) Besides the hot dogs, the food is decent as well - there's a stall selling deep fried chicken skin, salmon skin and chicken soft bones. and another that has some great pork ribs too!

14) A festival like this is WAY overdue. We need beer events like this to help educate drinkers that beer is not just about the commercial lagers and the big boys. There is SO MUCH MORE To beer than just Tiger, Carlsberg or Guinness.

15) No Overtime crap shit piss Starker beer.

16) There's a good variety of beers there, not just lagers, but some great stouts, ales, fruit beers, and even a bit of cider here and there. There's evern a DIM SUM BEER. There are Trappist ales, abbey ales, crazy ales and all sorts of ales. TRY THEM ALL!

17) DO try to be more experimental with your beers. Don't be afraid to try something new, because that's what beer festivals are all about - expanding your horizons and finding out more about beer.

18) Be careful though, some of these beers are REALLY STRONG. There are quite a number of 8% and 9% beers, including the Hitachino Nest XH (an awesome stout, BTW)

19) If you are trying new stuff, try to talk to the guys behind the counter to see what to try. Guys like Alvin from Taps and Charlie from Hitachino are more than willing to explain their beers and give you some recommendations.


(Some of the photos here were taken from Suanie's post about Brewfest, which you can read HERE!)


CUMI & CIKI said...

I'm sold! hehe. Nicely put.. 20 points that are hard to argue with :O

AH FA said...

yum yum yum HIC! thanks eyeris! :)

AH FA said...

yum yum yum HIC! thanks eyeris! :)