Tuesday, 22 May 2012

At Least I Didn't Have To Flashy Thingy Myself Again

Men In Black III
Not a Review.
Here come the Men in Black! (Again!)
Galaxy defenders! (Again!)
Here come the Men In Black! (Again!)
They won't let you remember! (Men In Black II!)

Has it REALLY been 15 years since the first MIB?
Now THAT was an awesome movie.
MIB2 made me want to flashy thingy myself.
Oh wait, I REALLY don't remember MIB2.
I think I DID flashy thingy myself.

Will Smith still looks the same after 15 years.
Is he an alien?
Wah Tommy Lee Jones has gotten cragglier than ever.
His face has more valleys and craters than the moon.
And he isn't around most of the movie.
Great contract, Tommy.

Josh Brolin as Tommy Lee Jones!
Not bad, not bad.
He's more Tommy Lee Joness than Tommy Lee Jones.
Ok that didn't make sense.
Then again, this is MIB.
Nothing makes sense here.

Time travel! Andy Warhol!
Flashy thingies! BIG flashy thingies!
Space bikes! Evil aliens!
That dude from Flight of The Conchords!

Ok lah it's quite fun.
Not as fresh as the first MIB,
But it's still fun.
A lot of hit and miss jokes though.
But Will Smith doesn't seem as funny as before.
Oh well, at least it's much better than MIB2.
Oh look, I remembered MIB2.
Excuse me while I go flashy thingy myself again.

Oh look. Cleavage!
Cleavage rating 5.
Because it's Nicole whatshername.
And she was only in the movie for like 3 minutes.

Green alien in rubber suit does not approve.


KY said...

will smith is usually like this post, promising at first, but tapers down towards the end... left you wishing for a proper ending

Michael Cheang said...

Says a lot about the movie as well. LOL