Thursday, 21 June 2012

Awesome Axe, Mr. President

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Not A Review.
Abraham Lincoln? VAMPIRE HUNTER?
SERIOUSLY? What next?
George Washington: Werewolf Hunter?
Richard Nixon: Water Gatekeeper?
Barack Obama: Bush Whacker?

Come one, it's ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
One of the most iconic of US Presidents.
And he has an AWESOME AXE.
How cool is that?
A bit silly, sure, but DAMN COOL OK.

Oooh, it's directed by that Timur Berbawhatever guy
Who did Night Watch and Wanted.
Heck, this reminded me of Night Watch,
But with Abraham Lincoln instead of Russians.
It's a bit silly and over the top, sure,
But man does he make it look cool

Yes, that's an awesone axe, Mr. President.
And it's pretty damn cool how you use it.
Guns? HAH! Swords? So last century.
Nothing like an awesome AXE to make vampire hunting cool

I also like how they threw in the actual historical stuff,
I'm a sucker for that sorta thing.
Gettsyburg Address, Emancipation Proclamation, all there.
(Lots of "artistic license" though, but hey, that's Hollywood).
BTW, Abe is not a US president who happens to be a vampire hunter.
He is a vampire hunter who just happens to be a president.
There's a difference, ok?

I really like this Timur guy.
His action shit is damn awesome.
He makes vampire hunting look so damn cool,
THAT'S how you use slow-mo in action.
Eat your heart out, Paul W.S. Anderson!


KY said...

George Washington - Cherry Tree Chopper!

camlok said...

Wrong, Obama is the next vampire hunter that is also US president :p