Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Amazing Webslinging, Not So Amazing Story

The Amazing Spider-Man
Not a review.
Directed by a guy named... Mark WEBB.
I see what you did there, Sony.
Whether you enjoy this or not,
Depends on how you define "Amazing" actually.
This movie? There were Amazing parts.
And there were NOT so Amazing parts too.

Me, I found the webslinging this time REALLY AMAZING.
It was more than amazing, it was SPECTACULAR
The way the camera twirls around, zooms in, sooms out...
The first-person POV at times was giddyingly awesome
And it really makes Sam Raimi's Spidey moves look dated.
Also love the webshooters. Organic webs? BAH!

Andrew Garfield is also not bad.
More Ultimate Peter Parker than the normal Marvel one.
He's not Tobey Macguire, that's for sure.
Tobey was more nerdy, more boy scout-like.
Garfield is a bit more edgy and cool,
But a bit TOO pretty boy lor.

Oooh, Emma Stone.
I've always liked Emma Stone.
And Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy? WIN!
Though if they make a sequel to this,
And put in the Green Goblin,
Then we can pretty much tell what happens next...

I also liked how the story is more realistic.
It's grittier, more obvioulsy set in the real world,
And doesn't have the "comic book feel" of Raimi's films.
It's more Ultimate Spider-man than the normal Marvel-verse.
Which I think is great.

Now for the not so amazing part.
The story's a bit too "Been There Done That"
Come on lah,
Spider-Man's origin story has been done TO DEATH.
EVERYONE knows the story by now.
Radioactive spider, Uncle Ben, Aunt May,
Great Power... Great Responsibliblablablabla

Yes, they've TWEAKED the origin a little here and there,
But it's still essentially the same story,
Just with a different villain
(who is pretty unmemorable, if you ask me)
(Not Curt Connors' fault, more the Lizard's fault).

Seriously, if they wanted to reboot it,
Why not just assume that everyone already knows the origin,
And use an entirely new story instead?
Why rehash the origin story AGAIN,
A story that is probably more well-known now than Snow White.

I'm not saying this is a bad film.
It's just a been too familiar.
Everytime there was a scene WITHOUT Spider-man
You just wish you could FAST FORWARD.
It's like watching a movie for the 2nd time,
You can guess what's coming next,
So you just want to skip to the awesome parts instead.

but if you DO watch it,
Watch it in IMAX.
The action and the webslinging are AWESOME.
It's everything you wanted a Spider-man movie to be like.
If there weren't already three spider-man movies before this...

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look forward to reading not a review for the dark knight rises!