Monday, 24 September 2012

Beer Of The Week: AOOOOONI! The Green Ghost Toast!

Whenever I go to Singapore, I always try to make it for a beer or two at Jibiru Japanese Craft Beer Bar at Somerset 313. It's one of my favorite drinking spots in Singapore, nice cozy little outlet, with some really great beers.

The last time I went there, I was happy to see a few new beers from the Yoho Brewing company, which also makes the excellent Yona Yona Ale. The new ones were Tokyo Black (nothing to do with the Black Tokyo Horizon), the Sun Sun Organic Beer, and my favorite, the Indo No Aooni IPA.

Damn, I LOVE that packaging. Yoho has always had nice cans, but this one is just awesome. The name means "Green Ghost" (I think, at least that's what those characters mean in Chinese), 7%ABV, and is apparently a "Full-bodied IPA with a generous floral hop aroma".

They've got the description of the aroma right. The nose is a wonderfully hoppy yet sweet, floral scent, and is probably one of the best-smelling beers I've had in a while. The colour is a nice, slightly ruby red,  amber-ish straw color too.

I have to say, this has just overtaken the Yona Yona as my favorite beer from Yoho. It's got a perfect balance of hops and sweet maltiness, and the bitterness comes through just right, meaning it doesn't hit you in the face as soon as you sip it, unlike many IPAs. It's also surprisingly easy to drink considering it's 7%ABV, and I polished off mine in no time at all. EXCELLENT.

Beer Rating: 8.5 out of 10

BTW, I'm not sure if Aooni will be at the Better Beer Festival this Saturday at Taps Beer Bar, but one beer brand from Jibiru will DEFINITELY be there - Hitachino Nest! Hopefully they'll have the AWESOME Espresso Stout, but even if they don't, Hitachino Nest still makes some GREAT beers. So head over to the Better Beer Festival to check it out!

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