Monday, 17 September 2012

Beer of The Week: Now THAT'S Hardcore

Hmmm... been awhile since I've done a Beer of the Week post. Not that I haven't tried many beers, in fact, I've tried TOO MANY beers that I don't know which one to write on! :-p

Anyway, one of my favorite beers at what is my current NUMBER ONE BEER BAR - Taps Beer Bar - is actually the awesome BrewDog Hardcore IPA. It comes in the bottle, and they usually have it on tap as well. While I prefer it a lot more on tap, the bottle one packs one heck of a punch as well.

The beer has a fresh, refreshing, grassy nose, and compared to the other BrewDog IPA available here - the rather light Punk IPA - this is a MONSTER of a beer, containing 9% ABV, and a GREAT hoppy, citrusy taste that ends with a nice, long hoppy finish. One of the better beers to go with Taps' beef rendang or satay pizzas, IMHO.

Definitely one of the better IPAs I've ever tried.

BTW, Taps will be organising the BETTER BEER FESTIVAL next Sunday (29/9) at their outlet, and besides their usual beers (which already number over 60), they've also invited over Hitachino Nest Japanese craft beers, and Singapore's upstart craft brewers Jungle Beer! Head on over HERE for more information:

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