Wednesday, 31 October 2012

10 Thoughts on Disney Buying Over Lucasfilm

1) First things first. A new Star Wars movie? One that is NOT directed by George Lucas? YES PLEASE.

2) Four BILLION dollars. Holy Ewok crap.

3) Pixar, Marvel Studios, and now Lucasfilms. Disney now owns three companies that have made some of my favorite films EVER. They better not screw them all up.

4) Does this mean that Leia is now officially a Disney Princess?

5) Oh man, the number of Star Wars Disney mashups they could do. Duck Vader? Darth Maus? Princess Mileia? Jar Jar Goofy? Daisy Armiduckla? Simbacca? Han Baloo? Buzz Lightwalker? Woody Wan-Kenobi? Dumb-3Po?

6) That's not even counting the rest of Disney's output. Solo White And The Seven EwoksPirates of Tatooine: The Curse Of Jabba's Sail Barge? Chronicles of Bespin: The Jedi, The Sith And The Carbonite Freezer? Han Solo Montana? Jedi Academy Musical? Oh dear.

7) Star Wars Episode VII is scheduled for 2015. The same year as The Avengers 2, and hopefully, Justice League Of America. Let's hope the world doesn't end before then.

8) Since Disney also owns the rights to The Muppets, I'd LOVE to see Muppets Star Wars feature. They could call it Muppet Wars, or Muppets, Episode IV: A New Frog, or Muppets: Episode III: Revenge Of Miss Piggy.

9) If that new Star Wars movie really comes true, I hope they'll try something original, not something from the books or comics. Something set in the FAR future, hopefully (maybe longer than "Long long ago" or further than a galaxy far far away), just to distance itself from the already crowded and over-saturated universe.

10) Wonder how much say the Pixar guys, especially John Lasseter, had with the acquisition. Those guys LOVE Star Wars.

(ok, I know the title says "10 things", but I'm adding more as I think of more)

11) Is Lucasarts still around? If it is, PLEASE let Pixar make a movie based on Grim Fandango. Now THAT was an awesome game with an awesome premise.


Anonymous said...

Wall-E vs R2D2!

spiller said...

Rumour claims they want to buy Hasbro too!