Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Jangan Lupa Tonton Looper

Not a Review.
Yes, this is a bit late.
I missed the damn preview.
And actually PAID to watch this ok.
But it was worth it.

One of the more interesting films of the year.
The story is pretty damn good,
Just don't think to much about the time travel bits,
Or your head will hurt,
And we'll be spending all day drawing diagrams.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Bruce Willis!
Now that's already one reason to watch this.
The guy is GOOD.
And what is it with him and these mindfuck movies?

Oooh, Emily Blunt.
Very grubby looking though.
No cleavage rating.
But Piper Perabo goes topless!
Censored here unfortunately.

Great story,
Great execution.
It does get a bit predictable though,
Especially once Bruce starts shooting though.
But man, that is some awesome shooting.

It's a terrific film though.
Got action, drama, great acting,
And a decent time travel story,
One that doesn't fry your brain like an egg.
Go watch it.
It's one of the better movies of the year so far.

Yes, go watch it or Emily Blunt will shoot you in the FACE.

1 comment:

camlok said...

Heard that the media screening for this was unsensored with many topless scenes (5 I think).

Too bad don't get to see any of them.