Sunday, 18 November 2012

Go Watch Goliath Or I'll Zap You With My Heatray

War of The Worlds: Goliath
Not a Review.
Malaysia Boleh!
Well, sort of.
Eh, 70% Malaysian production ok!
And it's the most important parts too!

It's like a sequel to the original WOTW.
Yeah, after all those silly Martians died,
After catching a cold MUAHAHAHA.
So, after that, humans just sapu their toys lor.
And built their OWN awesome tripods.

Can someone PLEASE make a polystone statue of the Goliath Tripod?
The design is AWESOME.
It's all designed by Malaysians, BTW,
I loved the way they mixed steampunk and Martian tech,
The animation, the design were also pretty damn good.

Ok, now on to the story.
Er, ok, this is where it's a little flimsy.
Ok fine, it's a fairly simple story.
Martians came, killed, and ACHOOO! died.
Martians come again, TO KILL US ALL!
(This time after taking their anti-flu jabs).
Humans fight back valiantly!
(that last one's the heat ray)
Annnd.. you can guess the rest.

Yup, pretty standard story,
But don't let that stop you from watching this.
It's actually pretty entertaining.
Like watching Robotech or Gundam,
But without the complicated trippy stuff.
Well, at least it felt that way to ME.

I like how they set it in WWI though.
It was like a WHAT IF Martians attacked before WWI.
And how they put in all those historical figures.
Teddy Roosevelt, The Red Baron,

Adam Baldwin FTW!
Yeah, his character pretty much steals the show
Ok, he's only in it for a bit, but STILL!
The rest were not bad,
There's even a Malayan dude there,
Goes to a bar and drinks tea,
And he's got mad keris-wielding Martian-killing skills!

It's a bit slow in the beginning,
But once the tripods start kicking ass,
Then it gets pretty cool.
Seriously, if Tom Cruise's movie had him driving a tripod
And taking the fight to the MArtians,
Instead of just running away and hiding,
I bet it would have been SO MUCH MORE AWESOME.


KY said...

the amount of 3d film stuff done in Malaysia is actually quite amazing! Haze has quite a few friends in the industry

camlok said...

They cheated on the grass & trees! (though I only saw the digital 2D version) :)

Pretty standard stuff. But yeah, the tripods are cool.

Liked the way they did the intro.

1 question, how fast they were travelling to make it from Paris to New York in half a day??