Thursday, 22 November 2012

Insert Coin, Press Start... AND START WRECKIN'!

Wreck-It Ralph.
Not a review.
Video games heaven! WHEE!
Sonic! Street Fighter!
Tapper's! Pac Man!
OMG all the awesome cameos!

If you love video games,
You'll love this movie.
Especially all the retro videogames.
The arcade ones most of all.
Brings back memories of Street Fighter marathons.
NOW I know what Ryu and Ken do after the arcade closes!

No, Fix-It Felix is not a real game (Yet)
Neither is Sugar Rush or Hero's Duty (Yet)
But they're all based on SOME other game.
And I wouldn't mind playing those games actually.
Ok maybe not Sugar Rush.
I suck at racing games.
Loved playing Daytona, but sucked at it.

Zangief! M. Bison!
Bowser! Dr. Robotnik!
That orange ghost from Pac Man!
Now THAT'S what I call a bad guy support group!

Aaaawww, poor guy...

I loved watching all the cameos,
And also the video game references.
then they got to Sugar Rush,
And then all the sugar references were er... SWEET.
Heh heh.

Ngehehehe, Jane Lynch,
Awesome kickass character!
With a tragic backstory LOL.
The little kid a bit annoying,
but after awhile she's cute and grows on you.
She's er... SWEET!

I really hope they make a sequel,
And give those familiar old game characters more screen time.
I'd love to see a retro arcade / game console crossover,
Imagine, the Double Dragon twins vs. Altair and Ezio!
Or Zangief vs. Kratos!
Or Pong versus Tetris!
Er ok, maybe not.

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