Thursday, 6 December 2012

63 Straight Hours of Book-Shopping Mayhem!

As if having 3 million books for you to choose from isn't enough, the guys at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale are giving you even MORE time to shop... they're gonna be open SIXTY-THREE HOURS non-stop from 6:30am on 7 December until 9:30pm on 9 December. Now THAT'S what I call a book sale!

After that they'll probably go back to the 9am-9pm schedule. After all, even Big Bad Wolves need to sleep SOMETIMES.

Here are the details of the sale:

Date: 7-23 December 2012
Time: 9am-9pm
Venue: Mines Convention Centre

I'll be there later today for the preview sale:

So watch this space for a full report of what the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be like!


suanie said...

"revert back"? wtf?

Michael Cheang said...

cis. grammar nazi. FINE, I'll revert back... change back to the corrct one hahaha