Friday, 7 December 2012

The Biggest, Baddest, Warewolf Sale On The Planet

So, yesterday I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. And I bought a lot of books. The End.

What, you wanna know how the whole thing was like? Ok fine.

Location-wise, yes it's in Balakong (Mines), but it's a lot better than the LAST place, where we had to take a shuttle bus from the car park to the sale. This time, you just park inside the convention center, and walk up.

And no, unlike this dude, you can't park IN the hall itself:

Darn VIP Wolf.

Anyway, here's my first tip: if you're going for the sale, BRING YOUR OWN BAG. Preferably one with wheels. Don't have one? You can buy one at the entrance hall!

You can also buy T-shirts and other Big Bad Wolf merchandise (WAH BOOK SALE ALSO GOT OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE!), and the designs are not bad too:

But never mind the car, the shirts and the bags... HOW IS THE SALE???

Well, let's head in, shall we?


Ficton, non-fiction, fantasy, Sci-fi, children's books, magazines, coookbooks... there are literally TONS of books in there. Of course, as soon as I went in, I made a beeline for the graphic novel section, where I saw quite a number of familiar faces already hoarding the mostly Marvel stuff there:

It's safe to say that about 85% of the graphic novels at BBW were mostly Marvel trade paperbacks and hardcovers. there's some good stuff in there though - stuff by Frank Miller, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Marvels by Alex Ross... hardly any DC or books from other publishers around though.

Most of the graphic novels were priced from RM15, RM18, RM20, RM25 or RM30. There's also a few tables of manga but... meh.

I spent most of my 3 hours there at the comics section, but I also managed to take one quick round around the hall to pick up a few other things. Funnily enough, novels don't interest me much anymore, but I did find some great drinks books though:

I'd say the average price of each normal paperback is about RM8, though I saw some for RM5, RM10 and up to RM20 for hardcovers I think.

I have to say, this year's sale has to be one of the best planned and most organised book sales I've ever been to. They've pretty much thought of EVERYTHING to make book shoppers feel comfortable. No sifting through dusty boxes, no hot, stuffy warehouses... everything is neat and tidy, and browsing in the hall was pretty easy.

They've also got massage chairs (for those who are too tired to browse), food halls (books make you hungry!), and children's playgrounds (for the kids to spend their time), and the whole hall has nice cheerful colorful banners all over the place:

They've even got STORAGE SPACE for you to keep your unpaid stash (it's got a number system so you don't lose your books), so you don't have to zealously lug your precious stash around all the time!

This is an exceptionally great but evil plan, because it just makes you go back out there empty handed, and buy more stuff!

Don't worry if you can't carry all them books on your own though - they've even got porter services for you!

Yeah, I found the service at this year's sale to be pretty damn good. The so-called "Wolf Pack" were mostly friendly, and even offer to carry your stuff as you approach the cashier.

Maybe it's because it's just the first day and they're all still pretty fresh. I wonder how they'd be like by the end of the week... hehe.

SOOOO... in the end, what did I get? Well, my total damage came up to RM311 (I left my credit card at home and brought only about RM300 to the sale), and here's what I got:

  1. Marvel Secret Wars TP
  2. Marvel Secret Invasion TP
  3. Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (Frank Millar)
  4. Wolverine (Frank Miller)
  5. Wolverine: Weapon-x (Barry Windsor-Smith)
  6. Wolverine: Logan (Brian K. Vaughn)
  7. Fantastic Four: 1234 (Grant Morrison)
  8. Fantastic Four: World's Greatest (Mark Millar)
  9. Captain America: Man Out Of Time (Mark Waid)
  10. Spider-Man: Election Day
  11. Spider-Man: One More Day
  12. Spider-Man Mark Millar Ultimate Collection
  13. 50% Wool 50% Asinine (RM8) - a collection of Argyle Sweater strips
  14. Watching The Watchmen (RM25) - Dave Gibbbons on drawing the comic
  15. The Beatles (RM15) - a hardcover coffee table book with loads of pictures)
  16. The Everything Bartender's Book (RM5)
  17. The Ultimate Guide To Spirits And Cocktails (RM20) - by far the best deal in my entire haul. only RM20 for a super thick, super detailed reference book
  18. Shade's Children (Garth Nix) - The only novel I bought there.


In case you STILL need it, here are the details for the sale:

Date: 7-23 December 2012
Time: 9am-9pm
Venue: Mines Convention Centre


Ah Fa said...


Best copywriting ever!

ghoul said...

I went there on thursday, too. It was a real expensive trip... i dropped RM300... very careless of me. At least someone got free books and more that day :(

btw, how do you like Nix's Shade's Children? I bought it, too, and am almost done with it... I want to strangle Shade, lol.

KY said...

book review blog become book sale review blog!

mina said...

Finally, I go back to the blogging world, and start visiting again my old blog haunts, including yours, and I am really glad that it's still up and running, kicking the asses of bad movies, and of course, also reviewing music and books. I am an Indonesian, but now I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where there is this Boekenfestijn, its biggest book fair which moves around the country (and several cities in Belgium) once a month, and it has similar kind of setting with the WOlf Book Fair, with those filthy cheap price tags that make you dizzy. The only bad thing is, half of the hall is filled with Dutch translation of the major books, including the Marvel comics! But the book fair is so big, so you are quite overwhelmed by the English versions. Finally, after years reading someone else's blogs telling about how they brougth books home with their trolleys, finally I have an opportunity to do the same!