Monday, 24 December 2012

Tom's Cruise Reaches Jack.

Jack Reacher.
Not A Review
Tom Cruise kicks ass!
No, really.
He's actually pretty good here.

This is a pretty solid movie.
Good writing, good acting,
good action, good script,
Like a feature length CSI/Sherlock/Bourne hybrid,
With a kick ass Tom Cruise.

The only thing that's missing is a hot babe,
Rosamund Pike is fine,
She may be a former cleavage revealing Bond Girl,
But here she's no cleavage revealing "Reacher Girl",
(ok, she does show cleavage, but not in THAT way)
She's actually pretty good here too.

But really, this is all about Tom Cruise,
And how un-Tom Cruise-like he is here.
No billion dollar megawatt smile,
And no posturing around like he owns the world.
This my favorite Tom Cruise movie since Collateral.

If you've ever had any reason whatsoever,
To doubt his ability to carry a movie on his own,
(Not that you would, come on, it's TOM CRUISE)
This will prove you wrong.
As Jack Reacher, he is great,
Cool, charismatic, and sometimes snarky and cocky
But Oh so fun to watch..
Yes, he is nigh invincible,
(No he doens't have a superpower)
(he just EXUDES an aura of invincibility)

Story is pretty good too,
Like something out of Person Of Interest,
Good flow, great action, good script,
And some THRILLING sequences,
Especially that part looking through the sniper's scope.
And one heck of a car chase.

I wouldn't mind watching a sequel of this,
Though I get the feeling it'll work better as a TV show.
It already feels like Person of Interest without the Machine
And thanks to Tom Cruise,
Jack Reacher is one hell of a character.

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