Tuesday, 5 February 2013

On...ly.. Youuuu, Can Make Me Laugh, So Haaaaard....

Journey To The West.
西游: 降魔篇
Not a review.
Dear Stephen Chow:
On...ly... YOUUUUUU,
Can make me laugh so hard.
On...ly... YOUUUUUU,
Can be so mou lei tao....

Welcome back, Mr. Chow!
(No not THAT Mr Chow, the one from Hangover)
Been a while since I laughed at so many stupid things in a movie.
All hail His Royal Mou-Lei-Tao-ness!
So what if he is only directing the show,
And not actually IN it?

Is it funny? Oh yeah, it's funny.
At least I thought it was pretty damn fun.
And look, not a single fart joke in sight!
So many awesome lines. Awesomely silly lines,
And the best and funniest use of fake blood EVAR.

There's drama, romance, action, even some horror,
And amid all that,
The slapstick mou lei tao comedy never seemed out of place.
Shu Qi is quite funny too!
Oooh, and that Chrissie Chau chick is HOT.

And someone give Huang Bo an award,
His Monkey King was AWESOME.
Funny, mischievous, and fun at first,
He's also super scary when he wants to be.
Especially in monkey form.
Now THAT'S a convincing Sun Wu Kong!

Ok, maybe I'm just bias.
I REALLY wanted this to be good.
But I still went into the show with low expectations.
Happily, I had a whole lot of fun!
I think not being in front of the camera really helped him,
Somehow, the movie seemed to flow along pretty smoothly for me.

Ok sure, the CGI effects aren't THAT great,
But don't compare to Transformers or LOTR lar.
If you'd seen that stupid Jet Li White Snake show,
You'd reckon JTOW's effects are pretty decent.
Kinda reminded me of Kungfu Hustle & Shaolin Soccer too much at times though

Oh well, if you don't like this one,
You could always go back and watch the old 1994 ones,
Chinese Odessey 1 & 2 - Pandora's Box & Cinderella.
I loved that time-travelling thingy,
And the BO YE BO LO MI! cry,
And of course, THAT song.
Come on, altogether now!

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