Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hurry up and make Ip Man a saint already...

Ip Man: The Final Fight.
Not a review.
Yes, it's another Ip Man movie.
But no Donnie Yen this time.
It's got Anthony Wong Chau Sang instead.
But don't worry, he still kicks ass.

The Final Fight?
More like The Final Stroll Around Hong Kong, actually.
There's some good action, sure,
But much of it is focused on Ip Man,
And him living life in Hong Kong,
And how he supposedly influenced everyone.

If you thought the first two Ip Man movies were virtuous,
This one practically makes him a SAINT.
Heck, he is practically god-like here.
Unflappable, unstoppable, untouchable, and unbelievably virtuous
At the rate these movies are deifying him,
He'd probably be canonized by the Pope by the next movie.

He is also in full on Yoda mode here.
Ask him a question, he gives you a one line piece of advice.
"Si Fu, why you teach me to fight but say I cannot fight people?"
"Mmm, if I teach you to swim will you go and throw people in the water?"
"Si Fu, teach me how to tell the difference between good and bad!"
"Mmm, you have to decide that for yourself when the time comes."
"Si Fu, will you train me if I try hard?
"Mmm, do or do not. There is no try."

Ok lah, the movie was entertaining,
Especially when there was a lot of fighting going on.
The action was pretty decent.
Wong Chau Sang's fighting is pretty good.
(and surprisingly, Eric Tsang also LOL)
And at least they didn't over-edit the fights to death.

The story a bit here and there though.
First we see him training people,
Then he is fighting Eric Tsang,
Then suddenly got girl try to 'kau' him.
(No it wasn't Gillian Chung)
(And of course he managed to resist her charms lar,)
(he's IP MAN, for fucks sake)

Then WAH, out of nowhere got super geng bad guy wan,
Then hor, Ip Man have to go and save his student again,
And of course have to kick his ass lor.
Tah dah!
In the end got Bruce Lee samore.
(Who didn't really look like Bruce Lee, TBH)
But that final footage of the REAL Ip Man's woodwork was awesome.

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