Friday, 23 August 2013

10 Thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman

1) This was literally my first reaction when I read the news first thing in the morning.... BEN AFFLECK AS BATMAN? WHAT. THE. FUCK????!!!!????

2) Ben Affleck HAS been making a comeback of late, but as a director. As an actor... the jury is still out. As a superhero? Hello, DAREDEVIL?

3) Seriously, DID THEY NOT WATCH DAREDEVIL? Ben Affleck SUCKS as a superhero. He didn't have the er... CHIN for Daredevil, and he sure as hell doesn't have the chin for Batman.

4) Ben Affleck as BRUCE WAYNE sounds even worse than Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne. Then again, they DID have Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, who didn't seem like a conventional Bruce Wayne either (he was great, BTW).

5) Suddenly having a face as recognizable as Ben Affleck in the cowl just seems to undermine having the (still) relatively unknown Henry Cavill as Superman.

6) Were they thinking, "Hey, HEATH LEDGER was famous, and he did a great job with JOKER, so why not get ANOTHER famous guy for BATMAN?"

7) Then again, if they bring in Matt Damon as Joker, I might reconsider. Come on, he's MATT DAMON!

8) Wait, is it Superman/Batman or Batman/Superman? Will they change it to Batman/Superman because of Ben Affleck's er... higher profile?

9) So does this mean it probably won't be a Dark Knight Returns story? Because Ben Affleck certainly doesn't look like he's OLDER enough to do that role.

10) Hey wait, maybe they're not making Batman/Superman after all, but Batman/Daredevil! It's probably cheaper to just hire one Ben Affleck to be both heroes and direct the film as well. LOL.

Friday, 16 August 2013

What's next? Boats? Trains? Tuk-Tuks? SPACESHIPS?

Not a review.
If you have a kid who LOVES Pixar's Cars,
Then you should bring them to watch this.
It's like Cars, but with PLANES instead!
(It's not by Pixar, BTW).

If you're an adult... not so much.
Even if you liked Cars as much as I did.
You'd enjoy watching it,
but after that you'd be like, MEH.
Even the story is the same as Cars + Cars 2.
Got race lah, got blur sidekick lah,
Obnoxious opponent, wise mentor etc etc.

I like how they depicted the Planes world though,
And how it relates to the Cars world.
There are all sorts of planes here,
Big planes, small planes,
Fast planes, slow planes,
Helicopters, cars that become planes...
Anything that's related to planes is in it!

You know what I'd REALLY like to watch?
Instead of Cars, Planes, Boats or Tuk-Tuks,
I'd like to watch... SPACESHIPS!
Imagine, famous spaceships from all over the place,
Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly...
All done in Cars style!
Talking to each other about photon missiles and Kessel Runs,

Heck, I'd PAY to watch that.
Imagine, X-Wings with eyes on the windscreens!
AT-ATs as the pet dogs of the Spaceships universe!
Little TIE Fighters as the pesky flies!
The Enterprise being all chummy with Serenity!

Er yeah, maybe not.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Is There Magnesium on Elysium?

Not a review.
By that guy who did District 9.
You know, the one with all the refugee aliens,
And the Sharlto guy with a big gun.

Matt Damon!
Maaaattt Daaamooon.
Matt Daaaaaaamooooon!

That Sharlto guy is damn funny.
Not funny as in funny haha.
He looks like he is having a lot of fun though.
Can kick Matt Damon's ass ok don't play play.

Hmmm, Elysium looks like a nice place to live.
But why does everyone look like they've had Botox?
If those med-vacs are supposed to be able to heal ANYTHING,
Can't they heal stuff like, you know, OLD AGE?

Matt Damon has an exosuit.
It looks like a robotic Alien facehugger.
I reckon it also made him remember that he is Jason Bourne,
Judging by how kickass he became after he got it.
(Sharlto also has an exosuit)
(Makes him an even bigger badass, especially with that accent).

Oklah quite good.
Not as great as District 9 but still good.
A bit heavy on the social stuff,
But light on the logic sometimes,
Great story, good action,
But don't hurt your head with the loopholes.
Plus it's got MATT DAMON!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Kilkenny Ale Appreciation Night! YEAY!

Kilkenny, Kilkenny, how I love thee,
You were the first beer I fell in love with, truly.
And the beer I still drink often and constantly,
Though I've tried many beers to sate my curiosity,
I always seem to come back to you, Kilkenny.
So imagine my surprise when I was invited for a party,
Where we could "Experience the World of Kilkenny"
The first ever Kilkenny event! How quaint! How twee!
So I called upon fellow fan of beer and Kilkenny,
The Ridiculously and Impossibly Great Suanie,
And off we went to Publika's The Bee,
To join the Kilkenny ale appreciation community,
Where we had great beer with great company!

Forgive the bad poetry, but Kilkenny does that to me. You see, everyone has a favorite beer, the beer they go back to time and again. For me, I may have tried over 500 different types of beer to date (And here's the Untappd badge to prove it):

But the one beer I've always loved, and keep going back to over and over again, is Kilkenny.

Anyway, throughout my years of drinking Kilkenny and beers in general, I have never been to a SINGLE Kilkenny-centric event.... that's because there have not been any, as far as I know.

Yup, this "Experience the World of Kilkenny" thingy was actually the FIRST EVER Kilkenny event. In my head, I was thinking, "FINALLY! They're FINALLY trying to do something with Kilkenny! About time!"

Upon arrival at the venue, it was nice to have pretty girls serving me a nice cold glass of Kilkenny almost immediately:

Hello, gorgeous! And you look pretty too, dear girl.

The event at The Bee Publika was quite fun (and having lots of awesome Kilkenny beers obviously made it even more fun). We had lots of beers, obviously, and met a lot of friends too.

Look, it's Father-to-be,
The awesome Timothy,
With a glass of Kilkenny,
Together with me and Suanie!

And here's Suanie looking pwetty with her glass of Kilkenny hehe.

Look ma, I got a cool Kilkenny T-shirt too!

Yes, I got a Kilkenny T-Shirt. WOOT!

Throughout the event, we were taken on a journey of all things Kilkenny, which food pairings:

Yay food! The skewers were my favorite of the night. can't go wrong with meat and Kilkenny, really. In fact, I don't think there's any food Kilkenny doesn't go well with, hehe.

There was also a Masterclass session conducted by Ben Ng of GAB Professional Solutions. That's him in between Suanie and KY:

Ben taught us the difference between drinking Kilkenny at a SUPER COLD temperature, and Kilkenny at a slightly warmer (but not warm) temperature.

The Ice cold on is in that icy looking glass with dry ice, in case you were wondering. Duh.

The difference? The SUPER COLD Kilkenny was refreshing, yes, but the iciness of the beer muted a lot of the awesome malty and creamy flavors of the beer, so you could hardly taste anything. The slightly warmer Kilkenny however (again, I stress, warmER, not WARM), was awesome - the creaminess, maltiness, and the awesome nutty, caramelly flavors came through beautifully, the full-bodiedness of the ale was more apparent, and the finish was just so much more satisfying than the ice-cold one.

There was also an awesome sand-art performance by Loong Bee, a renowned sand artist and story teller. It was quite awesome to see him using the sand so fluidly and gracefully during the presentation, which covered the history and tradition of Kilkenny.

So there you have it, the first ever Kilkenny event in Malaysia! Here's to more such events, and to more people joining the Kilkenny ale appreciation community!

If you wanna know more about Kilkenny, you can visit