Friday, 23 August 2013

10 Thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman

1) This was literally my first reaction when I read the news first thing in the morning.... BEN AFFLECK AS BATMAN? WHAT. THE. FUCK????!!!!????

2) Ben Affleck HAS been making a comeback of late, but as a director. As an actor... the jury is still out. As a superhero? Hello, DAREDEVIL?

3) Seriously, DID THEY NOT WATCH DAREDEVIL? Ben Affleck SUCKS as a superhero. He didn't have the er... CHIN for Daredevil, and he sure as hell doesn't have the chin for Batman.

4) Ben Affleck as BRUCE WAYNE sounds even worse than Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne. Then again, they DID have Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, who didn't seem like a conventional Bruce Wayne either (he was great, BTW).

5) Suddenly having a face as recognizable as Ben Affleck in the cowl just seems to undermine having the (still) relatively unknown Henry Cavill as Superman.

6) Were they thinking, "Hey, HEATH LEDGER was famous, and he did a great job with JOKER, so why not get ANOTHER famous guy for BATMAN?"

7) Then again, if they bring in Matt Damon as Joker, I might reconsider. Come on, he's MATT DAMON!

8) Wait, is it Superman/Batman or Batman/Superman? Will they change it to Batman/Superman because of Ben Affleck's er... higher profile?

9) So does this mean it probably won't be a Dark Knight Returns story? Because Ben Affleck certainly doesn't look like he's OLDER enough to do that role.

10) Hey wait, maybe they're not making Batman/Superman after all, but Batman/Daredevil! It's probably cheaper to just hire one Ben Affleck to be both heroes and direct the film as well. LOL.

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KY said...

matt damon needs to be robin, and robbin williams should be alfred to complete the reunion