Friday, 16 August 2013

What's next? Boats? Trains? Tuk-Tuks? SPACESHIPS?

Not a review.
If you have a kid who LOVES Pixar's Cars,
Then you should bring them to watch this.
It's like Cars, but with PLANES instead!
(It's not by Pixar, BTW).

If you're an adult... not so much.
Even if you liked Cars as much as I did.
You'd enjoy watching it,
but after that you'd be like, MEH.
Even the story is the same as Cars + Cars 2.
Got race lah, got blur sidekick lah,
Obnoxious opponent, wise mentor etc etc.

I like how they depicted the Planes world though,
And how it relates to the Cars world.
There are all sorts of planes here,
Big planes, small planes,
Fast planes, slow planes,
Helicopters, cars that become planes...
Anything that's related to planes is in it!

You know what I'd REALLY like to watch?
Instead of Cars, Planes, Boats or Tuk-Tuks,
I'd like to watch... SPACESHIPS!
Imagine, famous spaceships from all over the place,
Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly...
All done in Cars style!
Talking to each other about photon missiles and Kessel Runs,

Heck, I'd PAY to watch that.
Imagine, X-Wings with eyes on the windscreens!
AT-ATs as the pet dogs of the Spaceships universe!
Little TIE Fighters as the pesky flies!
The Enterprise being all chummy with Serenity!

Er yeah, maybe not.

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