Wednesday, 25 September 2013

10 thoughts on the planned Gotham TV Series

So, apparently FOX TV are developing GOTHAM, a TV series set in Gotham City, a "Smallville-esque" show focusing on a young Commissioner Jim Gordon. Won't be any Batman in it, apparently, but there'll be some of the supervillains. Not much details yet, but here are my initial thoughts:


2) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE base it on the Gotham Central graphic novels, or at least try to make it a crime procedural SET in Gotham, instead of JUST focusing on Gordon.

4) If they DO focus on the GCPD, I hope they manage to get Renee Montoya, Harvey Bullock all in there as well.

5) They already had a young Jim Gordon in Dark Knight Rises, of course, where he comforts a young Bruce Wayne, so it makes sense that he would be in a Gotham without Batman at first.

6) In Batman: Year One, Gordon comes to Gotham when Bruce Wayne is just starting out as Batman (not even got the costume yet at first). Will they use that version instead?

7) After the success of Arrow, this makes sense. After all, Batman's rogue's gallery is probably best suited for TV, because of their (mostly) non-superpower nature.

8) Assuming it lasts long enough, there SHOULD be a new Batman appearing in the show, right? Right? Right?

9) Will it be set in the same universe as Arrow or Smallville? Arrow's universe is more suitable, I think.


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