Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Happy Kilkenny Birthday, Fireangel!

Once upon a time, I used to hang out in a pub with a relatively big group of friends, chilling and drinking Kilkenny all night. Ah those were good times. These days, everyone's too busy to get together as often, so whenever there is an occasion to celebrate, it's great to get the old gang together for drinks and a party.

Anyway, it was Fireangel's birthday recently, and Suanie decided we should get together and surprise her with a Kilkenny party! ("She likes Kilkenny, so let's go somewhere with Kilkenny!" were her exact words, I believe).

Here is a picture of Fireangel with a Kilkenny, just to prove that yes, she DOES drink Kilkenny. Hehe.

Anyway, Suan suggested we head to 42East in TTDI for the party, and so we did.
She had no idea that Suan was organizing this for her, so when her ahem, personal personal trainer brought her there, she was REALLY REALLY HAPPY to see us there. See how happy she is?

Here's a (somewhat blur shot, I REALLY need to get a better camera) of everyone who came for the party!

Fellow Boozy Bugger Horng was there:

Who spent most of the night taking artistic pictures of Kilkenny LOL

KY was there showing off his Kilkenny T-shirt he got from the Kilkenny Appreciation Night:

LC was there, and got a bit greedy at one point, hogging all the Kilkenny:

And of course, there was me and LL!

And last but not least, here's FA with the organiser of the night, Suanie the Impossibly Awesome! Thanks

There had to be cake of course. It wasn't Kilkenny cake, but at least we could wash it down with Kilkenny hehe.

I think we almost finished the entire keg of Kilkenny at 42East that night. Thanks for organizing the party, Suan!

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH FA! Let's go have more Kilkenny another day! :D


suanie said...

Personal Trainer did the organising too! :D Happy birthday again AhFa! <3

Ah fa said...

So much love.<3<3<3

sniff. hic.