Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Borders Sale is worth the bother

One thing I love more about book warehouse sales are book warehouse sales with LOT OF COMICS. And the Borders Sale at Citta Mall was one of those.

Was there yesterday, and there were tons of DC and Marvel stuff, some Vertigo, some Dynamite and Fantagraphics, and tons of manga too. It looks like Borders are getting rid of ALL their comics and graphic novel stocks (which admittedly were pretty pathetic in the first place).

And here's the best part: ALL the comic TPs are going at at SEVENTY PERCENT DISCOUNT, which means it's an average of RM15-18 per book.

I managed to snag a pile of Runaways TPs, Jack of Fables, Northlanders, Mouse Guard, Hitman, Green Lantern: No Fear, and a few others for a grand total of... RM230. And since I could also use my Maybank TreatsPoints for the purchase, I only paid about RM50 for them all. SCORE!

There are quite a lot of cool pop culture T-shirts as well, going for 25% off - I grabbed a V For Vendetta one, and a League of Mad Scientists one. There are also toys, stationaries, collectibles (got Star Trek bottle opener!) and of course, normal books, if you're into that sort of thing LOL.

The sale is until this Sunday, BTW. At Citta Mall, above McDonalds. If you're a comic fan, go. It's worth the bother.

PS: And yes, I posted this so I could get that bloody Justin Bieber off the top of the blog.

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