Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Thor: The Dark World
Not a review.
Now THAT is a blockbuster!
Eat your heart out, Superman!

Thor is so much better this time around
Chris Hemsworth has really grown into the role.
He's more natural, comfortable, and oh so kickass.
And throwing that hammer around never looked so cool
Then again, he wouldn't have been the same without...

Loki Loki Loki.
What would these movies be without you?
Avengers would have been meh,
And this would not have been the same.
And Tom Hiddlestone IS A GOD.

The first Thor was a bit stuffy.
This one at least has some fun.
Scratch that, A LOT of fun.
It's funnier, wittier,
And the action is pretty damn awesome.
Especially the frankly mental final fight,
Which was like a complete Nine Realms geekout.

Natalie Portman's a lot better here too.
Not so annoying, like the first one.
Still damn hot though.
No cleavage rating, again. sigh.

Oooh, and Lady Sif! Hubba hubba
Too bad she didn't have more scenes
And Kat Dennings was channelling Max here haha.
2 Broke Girls has definitely done her good.

Yup, definitely THE best blockbuster of the year
Yeah, better than Pacific Rim, (which is saying a lot)
This had better pacing, better dialogue,
Better acting, better characters,
Oh, and remember to stay back for two, yes TWO post-credit scenes!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Beer of the Week: Kilkenny Kilkenny, How I love thee.

I've always been a sucker for ales in general, and Kilkenny is probably the one I drink the most of. Heck, according to my Untappd stats, Kilkenny is the beer I've drunk the most... EVER.

Why do I love it so much? Well, One, because it's so easily available here in Malaysia, and two, it's is JUST SO AWESOME TO DRINK.

Anyway, here's a little info about Kilkenny. With over 300 years of history (it dates back to the 14th century in Ireland’s oldest operating brewery, St Francis Abbey), Kilkenny is one of Ireland's oldest brands, and it is an Irish Cream Ale that used to be brewed by monks using natural ingredients and water from the St Francis Well.

It's also made from 100% Irish malted barley:

The lighter coloured one is normal barley, the dark one is malted barley, BTW.

Technically, Kilkenny may not be a British ale, but the style and flavour of it is pretty darn close to one, and the creaminess of the ale is something some British ales just don't have (some of them tend to be rather thin, to be honest). What sets Kilkenny apart the fact that it is nitrogenated, whereas most brews are commonly carbonated. This process is what gives Kilkenny its distinctive features – the velvety smooth, creamy head and its amber red colour.

I've been drinking Kilkenny for years now, and I'm happy to say that this is one beer I'll never get tired of. I may dabble in other beers from time to time, but Kilkenny is still the beer I like to have when I need something nice and familiar.


Monday, 7 October 2013

Gravity: Officially my #1 movie of 2013

Not a review.
A frightening frontier.
This is the journey of one woman,
Her 90 minute mission: to survive the soundless, airless, gravity-less place that is space.
To seek out escape routes from the vast endlessness,
To boldly go back where everyone has been before:

This is officially my #1 movie of the year.
Well for one, it's by Alfonso Cuaron
The guy who made Children of Men & Prisoner of Azkaban.
And secondly....
Well, this was me during the movie:

Holy shit.
Holyshitholyshit aaaaaaaaaah

Oh fuck.
OH fuck.
(And my brother: "shut the fuck up!")

This is essentially Man vs Space.
And man loses EVERYTIME.
Woman vs space ?
Different story altogether.

Why is this my #1 movie of the year?
Becasue it's the most brilliantly immersive movie of the year.
I literally stopped breathing at one point.
The soundlessness, the helplessness and sadness,
The vastness of space,
It's scary.
And I got motion sickness.

Word of advice,
Watch this in IMAX 3D.
Because THIS is what IMAX 3D was made for.
It SUCKS YOU into the movie.
And you can probably get motion sickness,
(More advice: Don't watch this when high)
Even stop breathing at one point.
It's THAT good.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Suanie the Impossibly Great deserves a Great Kilkenny Party

A couple of Fridays back, we celebrated the birthday of Suanie the Impossibly Great (TM) with an awesome Kilkenny party at Barfly, Publika.

No prizes for guessing whose Kilkenny those are LOL.

We got there early (I was one of the organisers mar) and was hungry, so we ordered some food to go with our Kilkenny. If you're ever in Barfly, try the ikan bilis dish, it's awesome.

And of course, some Kilkenny!

Then, the gang turned up:

Because us Kilkenny fanatics need to stick together, dammit!

Fireangel was there, of course, and took almost the same picture with Suan as the one they took at HER Kilkenny party hehe:

Aww look, FA is feeding her bodyguard! SOOO SHWEEET:

Horng was there too, taking more pictures of Kilkenny, as usual:

Oi enough lar. stop taking pictures and start drinking the beer, dude.

This is me, proving that the Kilkenny glass DOES hold a pint of Kilkenny:

Co-conspirator KY, sans Kilkenny shirt, with Batman:

All in all, it was a fun night, with lots of Kilkenny of course.