Friday, 4 October 2013

Suanie the Impossibly Great deserves a Great Kilkenny Party

A couple of Fridays back, we celebrated the birthday of Suanie the Impossibly Great (TM) with an awesome Kilkenny party at Barfly, Publika.

No prizes for guessing whose Kilkenny those are LOL.

We got there early (I was one of the organisers mar) and was hungry, so we ordered some food to go with our Kilkenny. If you're ever in Barfly, try the ikan bilis dish, it's awesome.

And of course, some Kilkenny!

Then, the gang turned up:

Because us Kilkenny fanatics need to stick together, dammit!

Fireangel was there, of course, and took almost the same picture with Suan as the one they took at HER Kilkenny party hehe:

Aww look, FA is feeding her bodyguard! SOOO SHWEEET:

Horng was there too, taking more pictures of Kilkenny, as usual:

Oi enough lar. stop taking pictures and start drinking the beer, dude.

This is me, proving that the Kilkenny glass DOES hold a pint of Kilkenny:

Co-conspirator KY, sans Kilkenny shirt, with Batman:

All in all, it was a fun night, with lots of Kilkenny of course.


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