Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Thor: The Dark World
Not a review.
Now THAT is a blockbuster!
Eat your heart out, Superman!

Thor is so much better this time around
Chris Hemsworth has really grown into the role.
He's more natural, comfortable, and oh so kickass.
And throwing that hammer around never looked so cool
Then again, he wouldn't have been the same without...

Loki Loki Loki.
What would these movies be without you?
Avengers would have been meh,
And this would not have been the same.
And Tom Hiddlestone IS A GOD.

The first Thor was a bit stuffy.
This one at least has some fun.
Scratch that, A LOT of fun.
It's funnier, wittier,
And the action is pretty damn awesome.
Especially the frankly mental final fight,
Which was like a complete Nine Realms geekout.

Natalie Portman's a lot better here too.
Not so annoying, like the first one.
Still damn hot though.
No cleavage rating, again. sigh.

Oooh, and Lady Sif! Hubba hubba
Too bad she didn't have more scenes
And Kat Dennings was channelling Max here haha.
2 Broke Girls has definitely done her good.

Yup, definitely THE best blockbuster of the year
Yeah, better than Pacific Rim, (which is saying a lot)
This had better pacing, better dialogue,
Better acting, better characters,
Oh, and remember to stay back for two, yes TWO post-credit scenes!

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