Sunday, 8 December 2013

Would you like some sarcasm with your coffee, sir?

So, earlier today I was in One Utama, and decided to get a cup of coffee from Whisk.

Now, I like Whisk, or more specifically, I like the Whisk at Empire shopping mall, which has great coffee and great service too. So naturally, I gravitated towards that outlet when it opened in One Utama (next to Starbucks, of all places).

Anyway, I ordered myself a double latte, paid the RM12, and got my drink, which the barista served me in a paper cup. Now, this is HOT coffee I'm talking about, and that paper cup was rather thin, and it stung my fingers a little when I first held it. And since I was going to be walking around a very crowded mall and didn't want to do so while gingerly holding that cup in my hands, I asked for something to hold it in.

Now, most coffee shops either give you a cardboard sleeve to hold the cup in, or at the very least, a serviette. So, I asked for a sleeve/serviette, and the barista gave me one. Then, while he was doing so, I happened to spy those special cups which had ridged sides that are usually used to serve hot drinks to go.

You know, the ones that look like this:

So I asked the barista very nicely and friendly-ly, with a smile, why he never used that cup for me.

Me: "Hey, why didn't you use those cups instead?"
Barista: ""Oh, that's only for HOT water."
Me: "But MY latte is hot too."

Then, he TAKES THE CUP OUT OF MY HANDS and retorts, "No it's not, it's WARM"; and for good measure, hands it to his colleague, saying, "See, is this warm or hot?".

Leaving aside the fact that he thought it was ok for my latte to be WARM instead of HOT, I thought that was fairly rude. He could have just asked if I wanted to change to that other cup. I was fine with the serviettes he gave me, BTW.

So anyway, after he had "proven" that my cup of latte was WARM, I said, "Yeah, but it's hot TO ME, and I'll be walking around the mall. I just asked why you never used those cups instead."

With that, he then added (quite curtly, if I may add): "Fine, I'll give you another cup. OK?" and he takes another paper cup (the same one as I was holding) and puts my cup in it rather begrudgingly.

"But I just wanna know why you never used that other cup," I said, and he snaps back very sarcastically, "You know what? Here, I give you THREE cups, happy?"

Then he put down ANOTHER paper cup (rather forcefully), and stormed off to hide behind his espresso machine. I then did some storming off of my own (with my coffee of course. Hey, I already paid for it.), as well as some muttering angrily under my breath.

So anyway... let's get this straight. You could give me THREE normal paper cups, but couldn't even offer to pour my coffee into that ONE SPECIAL cup? I'll make sure to ask for my coffee EXTRA HOT next time so I'll qualify for that SPECIAL cup, ok?

Funny thing was, I wasn't even being upset with the barista for not giving me those SPECIAL cups. I just wanted to know why, since they had it, he didn't use it with my SUPPOSED TO BE HOT latte. And I got a nice shot of sarcasm and an attitude with my coffee.

I checked the Whisk FB page, and saw some comments about some guy with a "cross earring" who has been pissing some customers off. Not sure if it was the same guy who served me, but he apparently works in the One Utama branch too. And judging from my initial FB post about the incident, the staff at Whisk 1U are quite known for their bad attitude. Suanie had a weird experience there as well, and blogged about it HERE.

Anyway, I'd like to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was having a bad day. Maybe he was too busy . Maybe a previous customer had scolded him for making her Hello Kitty latte art look like Herro Kaiju. Either way, that still doesn't excuse the way he reacted.

So anyway, Mr Whisk barista, thanks for your free paper cups (which I gave back, BTW. The serviettes were just fine). I think I'll go to Dr. Cafe for my coffee instead the next time I'm in One Utama.

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Eiling said...

Hopefully the management sees this post. I will too boycott an outlet based on service and rudeness like this