Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Evil Corporate Batman Must Die! Get em, Robocop!

Not a review.
No, not Robocop 4.
This is a new Robocop,
And he has a lot of heart.

First, Robocop.
Somehow I always remembered the old one as being kinda.... clunky.
Like Iron Man's Mach I suit.
This one is damn sleek and lean and mean.
And he comes in BLACK.
(plus he's Made in China)
(Shhh don't tell the Americans)

Look, It's Evil Corporate Batman!
I hate Evil Corporate Batman.
Someone smack him please.
And throw his Evil Marketing Minions off the building.
Evil Corporate Batman and Evil Psycho Military Roscharch.
Been awhile since I've seen such despicable baddies.

Got Batman must have Jim Gordon also lor.
But this is New Jim Gordon versus Old Batman.
And it's Bio-Genetics Expert Jim Gordon.
Also got Psycho Military Nut Rorschach.

Not bad wor.
Got story, got drama,
Action also quite good.
It's not as iconic as the first Robocop,
(I don't acknowledge Robocop 2 & 3)
But it's as pretty good update.

I bet Robocop would beat Iron Man in a fair fight.
Meaning no fancy schmancy flying or repulsor beams.
But in a good old punch-up
Then again, Tony Stark would probably just BUY Robocop.
Especially since Evil Corporate Batman loves money so much.

PS: Anyone else expected Sam L. Jackson to start singing
After his RA-RA AMARICARRRR speeches?

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