Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Jack Ryan doesn't seem to do jack

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.
Not a review.
More like Jack Bauer: The Movie.
Because it reminded me of a feature-length episode of 24.

Chris Pine is fine.
It's Jack Ryan that isn't.
Somehow the character seems so.... boring.
Yes yes, it's supposed to be a young version of him,
But what's so special about him?

Jason Bourne is a skilled assassin.
James Bond is well, James Bond.
Based on this movie, what is Jack Ryan?
Over-glorified financial analyst?

Ooooh, Keira Knightley.
Am I the only one who thinks she is wasted here?
Why is she stuck in the hapless girlfriend role here?
At least she wasn't annoying.
Compared to POTC, that is.
Cleavage rating: er... not much.

Action is decent, the plot is ho-hum,
Somehow the movie was just too... ordinary.
It's too formulaic,
And tried too hard to make us think Jack Ryan is awesome,
When he is just ... meh-some.
Go rewatch 24 better lar. Or the Bourne trilogy.

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