Friday, 3 January 2014

Magic Kilkenny Glass at the Merry Kilkenny Comedy!

We've been having a lot fun thanks to Kilkenny lately, and last Thursday, we had another fun night out thanks to the Kilkenny Comedy Night at 42East, TTDI.

Kilkenny and comedy? Why not, right? Besides, even if the jokes were not funny, we could always drink Kilkenny until they became funny! (or funny looking, whichever comes first).

42 East was PACKED that night. Seems a lot of people like comedy. Me, I like Kilkenny more. heh heh.

First thing I saw when I go there (after getting my beer from the bar, of course), was this Christmas tree, where guests could hang Kilkenny-shaped wishes on!

So pweeeetyyy:

The GAB Professional Solutions guys were there again, to tell us about the uniqueness of Kilkenny compared to other beers. Obviously, being an Irish Cream Ale (as opposed to the usual lager beers) with over 300 years history, there is still a lot to learn about Kilkenny.

We got to try Kilkenny with a variety of little titbits, including a bitter coffee jelly that helped to enhance the sweet, nutty flavours of the Kilkenny, and a meringue-like tart that helped to complement the maltiness of the beer.

So anyway, I managed to catch two of the acts that night - Jason Leong and Phoon Chi Ho, and they did a pretty decent job of keeping everyone laughing.

Our table especially, were actually having a lot of fun on our own already, thanks not just to the glasses of Kilkenny we were having, but also THIS MAGIC KILKENNY GLASS:


Here's KY trying to drink out of that magic Kilkenny glass:

You're doing it wrong, KY. Lemme show you how it's done:

Oh. Darn.

Eh wait, that's not beer, that's actually coffee jelly! Yum yum nom nom.

Here's some REAL Kilkenny:

Now that's more like it.

Fireangel seemed to enjoy it quite a bit:

So did Suan and Terence:

Though Terence later got distracted by the siew yoke:

Oooh, we also had a lot of fun taking pictures with the polaroids outside!

Check out KY's photobomb in the upper left picture LOL.

Anyway, it was a fun night out with great friends and lots of Kilkenny again!

Look ma, it's me having a ball inside a Kilkenny ball! LOL


suanie said...

you blog labelled me suanie the great? lololololol

awesome night out! let's do it again :D

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