Friday, 23 May 2014

All You Need Is Tom Cruise

Edge of Tomorrow.
Not a review.
Should have been called All You need is Kill.
Cos that's a WAAAAY cooler title.
I mean, Edge of Tomorrow?
What the hell does that even MEAN?

Oklah, the movie was better than expected.
Quite good actually.
Like Groundhog Day with aliens and explosions.
Or Source Code but with a bigger budget.
Plus it's got Tom Cruise getting killed.
Over, and over, and over, and over again.

Action is good, pacing is good,
The story is kickass,
And the acting is pretty damn good too.
Emily Blunt is good,
Tom Cruise is good (more on him later).

It's based on a Japanese novel/manga
And they've kept MOST of the story at least
(which is kickass, BTW)
If only they hadn't cast Tom Cruise.
Ok, he was actually pretty good here,
But I swear he just Tomcruisifies everything he does,

It doesn't matter where the source material came from.
Mission Impossible? More like Tom Cruise: Secret Agent.
Jack Reacher? More like Tom Cruise: Private Eye.
Oblivion? More like Tom Cruise versus Tom Cruise.
Edge of Tomorrow? More like All You Need Is Tom Cruise.

But this is worth watching in the cinema though.
Especially IMAX.
the opening battle scene alone is worth the IMAX ticket.
And at least Tom Cruise doesn't smile TOO much.
(So you won't get blinded by his dazzling white teeth)

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