Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Singer in the Key of X

X-Men: Days of Future Past
Not a review.
Now THAT is an X-Men movie!
Not that Brett Ratner crap.
This is Singer in the Key of X!

PROFESSOR X! (Both old and new ones are awesome)
MAGNETO! (Wah Fassbender does a GREAT Mckellen)
WOLVERINE! (SO MUCH better here than in his OWN movies)

MYSTIQUE! (Jannifer Lawrence hubba hubba)
QUICKSILVER! (has THE BEST SCENE of 2014 so far)
KITTY PRYDE! (Eh since when she had THOSE powers?)

ICEMAN! (An ice slide, FINALLY!)
STORM! (Halle Berry is still the worse Storm ever)
BEAST! (is your alias James P. Sullivan, Hank?)
ROGUE! (Oh wait...)

BLINK! (Blink and you'll miss her only spoken line!)
COLOSSUS! (Eh macam tak power langsung wan)
Sunspot! Warpath! Havok! Er... Toad!
And a whole lot more I can't give away spoilers for!

Welcome back, Mr Singer,
And well done.
This is the best X-Men movie since YOUR last X-Men movie.
And to top it all off,
You've erased the memory of Brett Rattner's Last Stand!
(stay behind for the end of credits scene, BTW)


Anonymous said...
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Siti Aisya Ibrahim said...

can I ask u something?the comment on zalora collaboration above here, was this real? they were not making up stuffs right? I was just wondering, if it's a scam or something...