Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Avengers: Assembled again, Awesome again.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Not a review
Wow has it been that long since I did one of these?
I've almost forgotten the blog existed.
But what better movie for the movie not-reviews to make a comeback,
Than THE movie event of the year, BSW (Before Star Wars)?

Iron Man! Still the same old snarky Stark!
Captain America! Still the same boy scout!
Thor! We're not worthy!
Black Widow! Still hot and kicking ass!
Hawkeye! Still mucking around with a bow and arrow!

Scarlet Witch! We're still not sure what she is.
Quicksilver! We did not see that coming.
Vision! Really gives you a vision of what's to come.
Ultron! Nice nod to the Crimson Cowl there too, Joss.

James Spader ROCKS as Ultron.
It does get a bit odd at times though,
You KNOW it's James Spader,
He SOUNDS like Raymond Reddinton
But it's a ROBOT.
So what, he's like Robot Raymond Reddington!
(Which is not a bad thing)

Hulkbuster Iron Man vs Hulk!
Now THAT'S A Hulk level fight!
I also can't wait to see Cap and Iron Man fight each other.
(It's happening in Captain America: Civil War!)

I like how there's a lot more character development this time,
No need to rush through the introductions and origins.
Almost every character gets his time to shine,
Yes, even Hawkeye.
He deserves it, he really does.

Action's good too, of course.
A bit of fatigue at the end, but still damn good.
Look out for the scene where they ALL get together and fight!
Now THAT'S some Grade-A Assembling for you.

Is it good?
Oh hell yeah.
The novelty factor's worn off,
But it's still cool to see the team together.
Come on, it's THE AVENGERS.
You know you're still gonna watch it.