Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The World's First Ant-Sized Movie Not-Review!

Not a Review.
Semut-Man, Semut-Man,
Does whatever an Avenger can,
CAn he shrink, from your sight?
Yes he can, he's Semut-Man,
Look out! Here comes the Semut -Man!

Marvel does it again!
Marvel is like, "Heeeerreee's ANT-MAN!"
He shrinks to the size of an ant!
He's super strong, like an ant!
And he's fun, fun, fun, fun!

Hank Pym! Peggy Carter! Howard Stark! Together at last!
Michael Douglas is a pretty good Hank Pym.
Scott Lang! Paul Rudd is pretty good too.
Funny enough, and can act drama drama also.
And he's really great as Ant-Man!

I like how it was essentially about two sets of father and daughters,
And how the whole Hank Pym backstory.
Keep an ear out for some references to other Marvel heroes!
And yeah, SHE is mentioned as well.
And Yellowjacket is just EVIL.
So evil you wish Hulk would show up and SQUASH HIM LIKE A BUG.

Don't watch this if you have entomophobia,
(That's the fear of insects, BTW)
You probably would freak out.
Because there are ANTS.
No shit, there a a LOT OF ANTS!

The whole shrinking thing is very nicely done,
You really feel the scope and magnitude of it,
And even the fights were awesome!
And there's even an Avenger!
(I won't tell you which one)

It's probably the smallest of the Marvel movies so far,
But it's still pretty damn fun.
Oh, and there are TWO end-credit scenes.
So make sure you stay for that.