Saturday, 1 August 2015

Ethan Hunt And Friends, Part Five

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.
Not a review.
Or Mission Impossible 5.
They're still making these things?
(Frankly, it stopped being Mission Impossible after the 2nd movie)
(And should be called Ethan Hunt And Friends)

Oklah, this was actually quite good.
I still prefer Ghost Protocol,
But this is probably the second best movie in the franchise.
It's got some great action,
And it's genuinely funny at times,
And some parts quite kan cheong also.

I can't believe Tom Cruise is still doing this.
He's what, 53 years old?
And he's still hanging on the planes,
Riding bikes at crazy speeds (without a helmet!)
And trying to hump girls half his age?

Simon Pegg!
He's got a lot more to do this time.
And his not so much of a doofus too.
Ok, he's still a bit of a dork, but not a doofus at least.
Hawkeye's a bit wasted though.

Oooh Rebecca Ferguson.
She's not the conventional hot spy girl, is she?
At least she can kick real ass.
And of course there's a bikini scene.
Cleavage rating 7.
(How long has it been since the last Cleavage Rating, huh?)

Mission Impossible?
More like Mission Difficult.
It can't be THAT impossible if they keep making these movies, huh?
What's impossible is how Rebecca Ferguson can look so good,
Even after all that running, biking, and fighting.
And how is it Tom Cruise still manages to keep doing all that shit?
Now THAT'S impossible.

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