Thursday, 12 May 2016

All X-movies should add a dose of Deadpool

X-Men: Apocalypse.
Not a review.
And the award for best X-Men movie of the year goes to...
This was not bad, but not great.
X-citing, but certainly not X-hilarating.
Deadpool was, and with some X-rating too.

After the awesomeness of Civil War,
This was like just like meh.
But in an awesome way.
At least I didn't want swear at the screen,
Like I did after Batman V Superman.

Professor X and Magneto still awesome though.
But Mystique seems a bit too Katniss for me.
Apocalypse? Meh?
See, this is what happens when Resistance pilots go over to the Dark Side.
I kept wishing Deadpool would show up,
And turn him into a chimichanga.

Lots of new mutants though.
Olivia Munn as Psylocke!
OMG that's like a fanboy's wet dream come true.
Cleavage rating 7.5.
But hor, damn wasted lor.
Like, she doesn't really DO much.

Storm's much better. Better than Halle Berry at least.
Annoying still, but not AS annoying.
And Nightcrawler too.
I thought the Thriller jacket was a nice touch LOL.
Oh oh oh, and Quicksilver!
He's still awesome.

And Cyclops.
Better than the last one at least.
Jean Grey... so-so lah.
Can't get over the fact that she's Sansa Stark LOL
Angel was another bloody waste though.
And Jubilee didn't even do ANYTHING. BAH.

I don't know, I'm kinda two minds over it.
It's not as bad as BVS.
But it's not as great as Civil War.
It's kinda just... there.
It does bury the original X-Men trilogy for good though.
Which is kinda a good and bad thing.

You know what would make an AWESOME X-Men movie?
If DEADPOOL were in it.
Never mind Wolverine, just get DEADPOOL in it.
Why? Because DEADPOOL.


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